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Louisville | October 22 2007
It was amazing. This is a wonderful technique of teaching your dog without spanking, scolding, or "over treating" with food. I would recommend your training to all frustrated pet owners. Permalink
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Louisville | October 22 2007
I had good fast results and believe in the same rules for pets (no physical punishment). Doug was great and made things fun. Thank you for your time and patience with my adolescent puppy. Permalink
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Cedar Rapids | October 22 2007
We have used numerous other training methods. Bark Busters' results were immediate. It's unbelievable. We have several friends whom we are going to recommend Bark Busters to. Permalink
Winthrop | October 22 2007
It was amazing the change in Chloe just after the first session. I can't wait to see what she is like in 2 or 3 weeks. Permalink
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Windermere | October 22 2007
Jim's explanation of the training technique was clear and made sense. Our Siberian husky, Kiva, responded to the training very well. She would come when called and sit/stay as well! Permalink
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Wheat Ridge, Colorado | October 22 2007
Brian was clear and concise and took the time to make sure that I understood. I truly believe my dog will be able to accept this method of training. I was extremely pleased by your techniques. Not only was I interested, but Brian has a great personality which made the session very enjoyable. I have a lot of contacts and will definitely refer Bark Busters. Permalink
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Clearwater | October 22 2007
I want to thank you for the wonderful direction you put us in with Tyson. We have been practicing your instructions and using them on a daily basis. Tyson is making slow but good improvement! I would highly recommend Bark Busters and if I need some help with Tyson in the future, I will be calling. The lifetime guarantee is unbelievable! --Thank you so much! Permalink
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Seffner | October 21 2007
I would like to say that I enjoyed Joanne very much and I have seen a huge difference in my pet's behavior. Permalink
Parlin | October 20 2007
Amazing!!!!!!!!! Our shih tzu was out of control. Jumping, barking, nipping, you name it. The day before our appointment with Keith she actually bit our youngest child. I called him to see if we should even bother to keep the appointment since this was the last straw. We were ready to take her to the shelter. Keith assured me that he could help. And he did!! We can't believe the difference in our dog. We are so happy that we gave Bark Busters a try. I will be telling every dog owner I know about Bark Busters! Permalink
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Tammy J Albuquerque, New Mexico | October 20 2007
Jim and Lorie are a super team. They made it very easy for us to see and understand what works best. These natural training techniques are extremely effective and take into consideration the complete home environment and family dynamics. The changes were overnight! We had so much fun with Jim and Lorie on their first visit to our home. Permalink
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