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Bonita Springs | December 24 2009
I am excited! Very noticeable results after just one lesson. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable. I would recommend Bark Busters because it works! Permalink
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Alva | December 24 2009
Bark Busters really works! There was nothing to worry about. I should have called sooner. Patrick reinforced the natural, pleasing training techniques several times. I observed noticeable results very quickly. The training gave me a lot of confidence. Permalink
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Naples | December 24 2009
Patrick made the training presentation very interesting. We observed instantaneous and remarkable results by the end of the training session. The lesson was focused and results oriented. We recommend Bark Busters because results are fast, the method is effective and it is an excellent value. The results far exceeded our expectations. Patrick is a real pro and very likable. Permalink
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Palm Harbor | December 23 2009
Cathy and Jeff are a good team and worked a small miracle for Casper and us. Permalink
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Naples | December 22 2009
I was very pleased with your training and hoping for a well-trained puppy. Permalink
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-Cox | December 21 2009
Excellent! I recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
West Bloomfield | December 21 2009
It helps you to step back and look at training in new way! Permalink
Aurora | December 21 2009
Robin explained and demonstrated the training several times to ensure we were comfortable to do the exercises ourselves. Thank you Robin! I was extremely surprised at the results by the end of training. We called Bark Busters because we wanted to use natural training techniques. Our dog, Cheyenne, loves the training. It exercises her mind and she receives lots of rewards of praise. Cheyenne is doing great at the off-leash dog park--playing well, listening to us, and coming when called. Permalink
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Berkley | December 21 2009
I am completely amazed at how well my dog responds to this program!! I've always thought that Bark Busters was amazing, but seeing my dog's reaction was spectacular! My dog now knows that I mean business! I love knowing that physical commands are no longer needed. Thank you! Permalink
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Winston Salem | December 19 2009
It would take a book to give Amy all the praise she deserves. She really is a great trainer and just an amazing person. I met Amy after a local veterinarian highly recommended her as a pet adviser for a local pet web site that was starting up. I was amazed at how little I knew about dog behavior (and still do). Some of the questions that were asked on the website were so horrid, I wasn't sure how or if Amy could respond, but she did with detail. A few people that I knew with really difficult dogs hired her to help them train their dogs. It was unbelievable the difference in the dogs after only one session with Amy. Amy also was involved in a very successful New Leash on Life Program where she trained inmates to train un-adoptable shelter dogs, basic obedience in preparation for permanent adoption. One of the inmates compared Amy to Cesar Millan, but better. Her ability to understand the most difficult dogs, their behavior, and her ability to explain how to have a well-behaved and happy dog is truly wonderful. If I ever need a trainer for my dog, I wouldn't have to look any further than Amy. I highly recommend Amy. Permalink