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Fairview | March 23 2010
"Bark Buster Jaime came to us with a positive attitude and a genuine willingness to help a dog we thought was hopeless. Within 2 hours, our dog, Sadie, was responsive to all the techniques Jaime taught us. We are forever grateful" Permalink
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Westlake | March 23 2010
Excellent work!! Permalink
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Sheffield | March 23 2010
Jaime was very conscientious and informative. He addressed the problems I was having with my dog very professionally Permalink
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Bay Village Animal Clinic Manager | March 23 2010
We were very happy with the thorough presentation and behavioral lessons given. Very professional. Ruby responded quickly to his technique. Highly recommended Permalink
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Bay Village | March 23 2010
I was very impressed with the way Zoe responded to the training. She seemed like a different dog Permalink
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Avon | March 23 2010
Very pleased. Our dogs loved Jaime. Permalink
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registered veterinary technician | March 23 2010
We could not stop Max from aggressive lunging at front/back doors and visitors in yard for four years! I can't believe that is my dog now! You guys are good Permalink
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Mentor | March 23 2010
Trainer was excellent. Very good communication. Good ideas working right away. He gave me the confidence I needed to work with the dogs. I could not believe this could work so fast. Trainer was a great person with the people and the dogs Permalink
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Hudson | March 23 2010
This is just wonderful! Thank you very much. I didn't think that my 8.5-year-old fear-biter could ever be made to be still! Awesome! Permalink
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North Olmsted | March 23 2010
I feel I have gotten more information and useful directions in a couple of hours than both 6-week puppy classes combined [with another training program]. Jaime was both commanding and compassionate and we made incredible progress. Knowing how crucial is to maintain alpha status at all times was enlightening and showed me it can all be good. Permalink