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Naples | September 23 2009
It was nice to have both June and Colin there, one to observe Buddy and the other to work with me without being distracted. Permalink
Madison | September 23 2009
I thought, for sure, that a dog trainer was my only saving grace. My dog was very aggressive and bit someone, and after all the trouble she got into, I new I was in over my head and I needed help. I found Bark Busters online and called right away. Greg, stepped in and gave me all the advice and directions I needed to save my dog. He took the time to show me how to do everything correctly and had the patience of a saint. He has been there for me when I need him and has been a great friend through all of this. He even went out of his way to talk to my parents! I LOVE THE FLIP CHART GREG!! Permalink
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Beaverton | September 23 2009
Amazing! My dogs responded quickly and I can easily remember the commands. Lisa presented things in a way I didn't think of. The literature that was left behind was very helpful and well written. It was a good review of what Lisa taught while here. Thank you! After 2 and a half years, I had given up and thought that Dudley was untrainable - not so! Permalink
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Fort Myers | September 22 2009
Patrick is wonderful. Not only did Patrick make the pleasing, natural training techniques used by Bark Busters easy to understand but he also worked with us to make sure we fully understood those techniques. Trixie, our Miniature Poodle, used to bark and jump on our front door and all over our guests. After just one hour, she would not attack the door or jump and bark on our guests. There is no reason to use physical force, like picking her up or grabbing her collar, with these techniques. We recommend Bark Busters because it works! Permalink
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Newburgh, AL | September 21 2009
Amazing. My hard to manage dog is already showing improvement. Permalink
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Westland | September 21 2009
The training was easy for my mother and I both. It works wonders! The training gives me confidence that when I'm correcting Abby, I'm not hurting her. It lets me enjoy Abby more and she respects me. The training is very effective and easy to learn. Permalink
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Farmington Hills | September 21 2009
Maril's method of teaching was detailed with helpful advice and made us eager to practice the lessons. Fletcher became more relaxed and approached the trainer and neighbor in one visit. We were amazed at his behavior. The techniques were effective, constructive and practical, sound advice which guided us through the weeks ahead. The session was energizing and rewarding. We were eager to absorb Maril's knowledge of dogs. I have high respect for Bark Busters success rate. I have contacted several people and hope they follow through with our suggestions. "Support for Life" is a special asset that appeals to dog owners. We are confident that Maril will be a part of our lives in the future. Permalink
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Hillsboro | September 21 2009
Even in the first day, there were changes. Permalink
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Canby | September 21 2009
The training techniques were very easy to understand. The results were in the people, with renewed hope that our dog could become the kind of dog we want. I was glad I had a correction technique that did not use a choke collar. We really enjoyed Dick. His presentation and friendliness made us all comfortable. Penny is so different from our last dog. I didn't know what to do with some of her behaviors, so I am so relieved to have a direction to go, to train her and me! Permalink
Lake Orion | September 21 2009
My family and friends can't believe the difference in the dogs: They aren't jumping all over them any more! Permalink