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Arlington Heights | August 21 2007
Improved issues quickly. Very simple effective techniques provided immediate results, and are going to be simple to use in the future. Permalink
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Northbrook | August 21 2007
Everyone noticed that Dusty is a different dog. The corrections DO work. They guarantee results. I will not have to shell out money all the time. Permalink
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Palatine | August 21 2007
It is easy to understand, and follow. We were given many opportunities to implement the training. Much more docile by the end of the session. Permalink
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Arlington Heights | August 21 2007
Well-trained dogs make a happier family, owners, and dogs. People with well behaved dogs will keep them for life, in most cases. Bark Busters should be mandatory for all new dog owners. It is the only way dogs should be trained. Permalink
Commerce Township | August 20 2007
Amazing! The techniques are so easy, anyone can have success! I really enjoyed my session and LOVED the results. Thank you!! Permalink
Rochester | August 20 2007
This was the best training our dogs have ever had. Great presentation! Dogs are happy (owner happier.) I will recommend you to everyone who needs help with their dogs at work, and personal friends. Permalink
Rochester Hills | August 20 2007
Everything seemed to click. Our dog, Bleu, was much more relaxed by the end of the session! It was great having Bleu listen. I felt a great understanding for what was going on and why. It was a wonderful sense of relief. I feel we now have hope and will have a long life with our dog! Permalink
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Valders | August 19 2007
Sadie Mae was hard for me to manage before. Now she listens very well. It was an amazing change. Permalink
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Neenah | August 19 2007
I was very impressed with the training segment on how to keep my dogs from charging to the door when the doorbell rang. The "growling" really works - I am amazed. My experience impressed the friends I told about Bark Busters. Permalink
Orlando | August 16 2007
Jim made learning fun for all involved. My two dogs responded immediately and were following commands in under 1½ hours. The training was not only effective but also was amazingly simplistic. My boxers really seemed to enjoy the training and learning new tricks. The training methods provided me a new way to "talk" to my dogs in a way they understood and the results were outstanding. Jim's cruelty-free methods have worked miracles on my two "beasts." We still have a long way to go, but my fur-babies are well on their way to becoming perfect dogs. THANKS, JIM!! Permalink