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Itasca | May 23 2010
I love the fact that Chris is helping me to better understand what my dog needs; because he is so shy, going slow is what is best for him. Thank you so much. Permalink
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Concord | May 22 2010
Bark Busters was the third training company I had in for help with my German shepherd dog, Rebel. Rebel turned into "Satan incarnate" on walks in my neighborhood when he saw other dogs or people. I was SO embarrassed! All of my neighbors were starting to avoid me! Finally, I found someone who understands me and my dog! Better yet, Karen taught me how to understand Rebel and how to speak to him in a way he understands! I love this! No shock collars, no Alpha rolling, no Cesar "shhhtt!" noise like the other trainers suggested! Very EFFECTIVE!! Best money I ever spent! And BTW ... Bark Busters actually costs less than other trainers, plus they guarantee their service! You can't go wrong! Anyone with a dog should call Bark Busters! You'll be so glad you did! Permalink
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San Francisco | May 22 2010
I was very impressed with Karen's approach to training and would recommend her to any of my clients for dog training. She spent several hours working with me and my dogs, and I was shocked to see how quickly my dogs responded to her training tips. I appreciated the fact that she does not rely on either training by treats or punishment to achieve results. She takes the time to understand what the problems are and then is able to come up with practical solutions. Also,by training in the home, she is able to evaluate behavior problems more effectively. Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 22 2010
Patrick, my Bark Buster, was extremely personable and made us feel comfortable right away. Myles, my Boxer mix, was very responsive. After having just one lesson with Patrick, I am very encouraged I will be able to better train Myles. Permalink
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Naples | May 22 2010
Noticeable results in 30 seconds! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | May 22 2010
Patrick did an outstanding job! He had a ton of great quotes and examples. We love our dogs and want to do right by them; Patrick and Bark Busters have us on the right track! Permalink
Brunswick | May 22 2010
After observing our crazy foxhound for anxiety and fear aggression, our veterinarian recommended Bark Busters. I was embarrassed by my dog's behavior, and even more embarrassed to invite Kathy and Betsy into our home to observe the craziness. It was an AMAZING experience, and the results were IMMEDIATE!! I admit, it is A LOT of hard work, and we have to work EVERY day, but Kathy and Betsy provided us with the knowledge and tools to make our home a much happier place to be. Our dog, Luke, is much happier knowing his role in our family. I am no longer anxious to invite people into our home because of Luke's crazy behavior. I know Kathy and Betsy are just a phone call away to help us with any situation. They are an amazing team, and we are forever grateful we invited them into our home. THANK YOU Kathy and Betsy!! Permalink
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New Rochelle | May 21 2010
I thought Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful. His explanations were clear and easy to understand; I think it will continue to be helpful as long as we stick with the program. Permalink
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Naples | May 21 2010
Big change in Teddy's behavior. He still initiates some bad behavior (less than before) but is easily corrected. He is more relaxed - in some ways a different dog. Permalink
Ocean Ridge | May 21 2010
After nearly 15 years of being without a dog, my daughter presented me with a puppy. I had no idea how to train this little long-haired miniature dachshund. Susan McNichol arrived, and with her guidance, I have a well-behaved dog who looks forward to her training time. Susan demonstrates the techniques and guides me to working with my dog. Susan is professional, personal, and delightful to be with. She relates firmly, yet kindly, to Eilee. I could not be more pleased with the results. Permalink