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Clermont | June 04 2009
Jim was excellent in explaining the training techniques clearly and in detail. I was AMAZED at the immediate results we achieved with our dog! I am very pleased with the techniques used by Jim and Bark Busters. The training was both very interesting and rewarding for us. I have told several people about Jim and Bark Busters and will continue to do so. Permalink
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Nancy B Albuquerque, New Mexico | June 04 2009
The charts help to make the training techniques understandable. The attention exercise was very effective and I am especially happy with the technique used when someone comes to the door.It was a very productive session. What we most appreciate about our trainers, Jim and Lorie, is how positive and encouraging they always are. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Chewing, Jumping up, Pulling, Recall
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Plantation | June 03 2009
Thank you so much for the training session, it was a miracle!!! I am so proud of Lola and so happy, and it is all because of you! Permalink
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plainfield | June 03 2009
I am special needs person and not an easy person to work with. I have a high energy dog name Dasie who is 9 months old. Ken stayed with me for over an hour and helped me with her, she is definitely getting better. Permalink
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Naples | June 03 2009
Very relaxed. The natural training techniques used by Bark Busters were excellent. Permalink
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Naples | June 03 2009
These are the only techniques we would consider using! We liked that we were given hands on practice and are looking forward to future sessions. Permalink
Tucson | June 02 2009
We contacted Gerard after unsuccessfully going through another "group style" training program. We have two jack russell's that were just under a year old. We knew we had our work cut out for us with these two and our ultimate goal was to have well behaved dogs. Gerard came to our house and after the first session we noticed a HUGE difference. My Mom and Dad came over later that afternoon and were convinced that the dogs had been drugged, they were so mellow!! Gerard was a godsend to us! He explained why we were having problems and the easy simple ways to solve them. We now have two well-behaved dogs. You can tell that he loves the animals that he works with and since they are my "furry" children, that made me very comfortable. We will continue to apply the information that Gerard gave to us and we see remarkable changes every day. Thank you Gerard!! Permalink
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Audubon | June 02 2009
Jeri went over everything in a very helpful and easy to comprehend manner. Our first training session actually opened our eyes to just how many behaviors we needed to address, including fundamentals. While we didn't see immediate results we benefited greatly from an appreciation for the road ahead. We are very pleased that the training techniques don't involve harsh corrections or treats. We've utilized a food approach in the past only to find it ineffectual when we had no treats to offer. We very much enjoy working with Jeri - she's a delight. The information and approach presented are also very interesting, to an extent, our training experiences are becoming more enjoyable as we see progress. Given our experience thus far we would absolutely recommend Jeri and Bark Busters. Jeri stayed with us to discuss everything over and above the allotted time. She didn't rush us and answered our questions with care and knowledge. We appreciate the accessibility and responsiveness of Jeri. It's nice to know that we can reach her in between sessions with questions or concerns that arise from our training work. Permalink
Kiawah | June 01 2009
We recommend Bark Busters without a doubt and already have! Our 3 year old Labradoodle, Maisie, stopped barking the first day. We felt the training was explained with clarity and was not condescending. We were pleased with the communication they taught us to use, it was great and didn't make us feel guilty. James & Michelle are upbeat and enjoyable and they made training Maisie a lot easier. Permalink
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Turnersville | June 01 2009
Kurt took his time to educate us and answer any questions we had. Permalink