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Downingtown | April 02 2011
I was initially skeptical about using Alan's technique to stop my dog from chasing cars because I thought it wouldn't work, however, I was happily surprised when it did work! Alan was very kind and enthusiastic about the training. We were very comfortable with him. Knowing that we have this training service for life is very reassuring. Permalink
Aspen | April 02 2011
When we got our first puppy Winston, we thought it would be a good idea to enlist some help in the training. Julie from Bark Busters was very attentive to our needs with Winston. She taught us how to train him and how to communicate with him. All of her help was incredible and if we ever have an issue again we would not hesitate to call her. Thanks! Permalink
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Whitehouse | March 31 2011
We really did see a difference by the time Cheryl left our first training. She came back a second time to work with our children and now they are excited to help with Beau too. I have given Cheryl's card to 2 people in my neighborhood. I would recommend Cheryl to any dog owner who wants their dog to be a "better member of the family." We enjoy our dog so much more now! Permalink
Crest Hill | March 30 2011
Bark Busters dog training techniques were explained clearly by our trainer John Sullivan and were easy to follow and understand. We were pleased with the natural, non-physical training techniques. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends. Permalink
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Ponte Vedra Beach | March 30 2011
Hi Linda, Just reporting in... Took Lacie out for a walk just now & ran into 2 sets of skateboarders, 1 squirrel, 3 cars... no barking. My neighbor was out in her front yard with her dog & was amazed. She told me that she could hear Lacie barking from inside her house & was glad I got her help! I really want to thank you. I wish I would have done this months ago! Permalink
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Romeoville | March 30 2011
John was great! The minute he walked in and started training Marley, we instantly saw positive results. It was absolutely amazing. John was very easy to follow and understand. We enjoyed his examples. My son joined in and was very interested. We all enjoyed the time spent training our dog. It was fun and interesting to learn so much about our dog. It now makes time with our dog much more pleasant. We are excited to get all the techniques we learned down to habit. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to family and friends. Looking forward to what we can learn to train the dogs in the next session. Can't wait to meet Joey (John Sullivan's Boxer dog and training assistant). Permalink
Lockport | March 30 2011
John is very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. Abbey was walking better on the leash before John even left. Understanding canine behavior makes the techniques make so much sense. John also made it fun. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters to our friends and family members. We really appreciate John's follow up phone calls and e-mail responses. Permalink
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Joliet | March 30 2011
My trainer gave me a better understanding of why my dog is the way she is. Before John left, she was walking next to me without pulling my arm off and lunging at strangers. I would definitely recommend John Sullivan and Bark Busters. With only a few hours of training, the results were amazing, especially with my dog. So, if my dog can do it, anybody else's dog could do it. Permalink
Lockport | March 30 2011
Great presentation. John was very knowledgeable and friendly. He's the new Dog Whisperer! Permalink
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Mt. Kisco | March 30 2011
It was amazing how quickly Ernie responded. Thank you very much for saving Ernie for us! We had taken him back to the shelter. Your teaching us how to train him let us give him another chance. He is now a WUNDERDOG! Permalink