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Centennial | February 09 2011
We've been very happy with the Bark Busters training our pup (and we) have received from Peter. The Bark Busters method of auditory cues/corrections work well with our golden retriever. I'm impressed that as she's getting older, I don't need to use the cues nearly as much or as loudly. Goldens are notorious "thieves" (socks, used tissue, you name it) but a low, soft correction from me now tends to get her to drop it-or stop whatever other mischief she's getting into. Peter is a knowledgeable, pleasant and very enthusiastic trainer, and we look forward to additional refresher training-for us as much as for our dog-as she gets older. Permalink
Kent | February 09 2011
Having had dogs all our lives, we were stumped when we couldn't get a handle on the chaos we encountered from our 1½ year old dog each time a visitor rang our doorbell or knocked on the door. Izzy would bark, growl and run around. Greeting visitors became a real ordeal and it was frustrating and embarrassing that we couldn't figure this out. When Jack arrived, Izzy performed her poor behavior right on que and we were ready to get the help we so desperately needed. Jack sat down and patiently took an in-depth history on this and any other issues we had. He was understanding, patient and very kind. He explained the steps needed to help us & Izzy and then we put these steps to practice. They worked beautifully! We had neighbors come ring our doorbell and the change was absolutely amazing. We now have the tools to use to welcome friends and family like they should be! Jack is a gift and knows how to relate to both his four legged and two legged clients! He is the person to go to for any help needed with your pet and we certainly will contact him again if another need arises. You will not be disappointed. THANK YOU, JACK!! Permalink
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Blauvelt | February 09 2011
Michelle helped us keep our unruly rescue puppy! We were at our wits end when our pup was about 9 months old. We were considering giving him up until Michelle trained us to be in charge. Bark Busters is an effective way to communicate with dogs and Skylar was much calmer after the first session. She helped us realize his true nervous nature and discover he was totally stressed out trying to be in charge. Now our 3 yr. old daughter can roll on him, he is so calm and patient, he comes when we call, he is great on and off the leash. All of this with no treats and mostly through passive dominance. Great job Michelle, we now have the family dog we had hoped for. Permalink
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Baltimore | February 09 2011
Despite all our efforts, our dog Buster lacked any obedience and was making our daily lives extremely stressful. Buster jumped, nipped, barked and whined constantly and didn't know how to listen to us. After giving Anne a call and trying the Bark Busters method we have seen an amazing turnaround. Anne taught us how to demonstrate leadership, and Buster has responded by being more relaxed, obedient and happy. Our lives, and Buster's life are much improved. We highly recommend Anne! Permalink
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Beaverton | February 09 2011
Dick was very clear in explaining all of the techniques. He demonstrated more than once with some of the techniques to make sure I got it. The results were absolutely amazing! I'm very pleased. My dogs responding to me right away in a lot of the techniques. I found the training enjoyable since I could see immediate results. I really appreciate getting this training. My dogs were taking over and now I'm in charge much more often. Permalink
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Naples | February 08 2011
The trainers were kind and extremely helpful in all their comments and training techniques. I look forward to working with them over this next year. Permalink
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Chicago | February 08 2011
Marlene and Howard: We practiced "attentiveness training" on our walk this morning. We're all falling into line very well. I am rather amazed at how Elvis & Kima snapped-to. Thanks for the refresher yesterday. We're off to a good start. Many thanks! Permalink
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Palm Harbor | February 08 2011
Marley is 100% better than when we started. He still needs work but it has to be done by me in between training sessions. Vito is very patient with Marley and he is a different dog already! Permalink
Troy | February 07 2011
It was pretty amazing! I feel empowered; I know how to communicate with Yogi now. It was fun, effective and an extremely helpful approach. It's such a great feeling to know I can encourage Yogi's good behavior and restrain his bad behavior in a way that's non-threatening to him and effective. THANK YOU BARK BUSTERS!! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | February 07 2011
Patrick Logue with Bark Busters of Southwest Florida was very knowledgeable and patient. I really enjoyed having him in my own home. Jack, our Great Dane puppy, responded very well by the end of just one, two hour session. The training method is excellent. Very natural and pleasing. Permalink