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Orlando | July 18 2007
I wanted to wait several weeks before sending back the survey to make sure my dogs were still obeying and responding to the training. The results have been unbelievable and you would think I only have one dog instead of six as it is so quiet! WOW! Permalink
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Henderson | July 18 2007
Choosing a dog trainer is indeed a serious endeavor. I read several books, magazines and searched the Internet but was at a loss until locating Bark Busters Christine Hanley. It all started with a phone interview and I was very pleased with the confident answers I received. Christine appeared to be organized, caring and encouraging. I have two Rottweilers and needed help. Permalink
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Madison | July 18 2007
Linda did an excellent job explaining why my puppy was behaving the way she was...very helpful to me. It's amazing! Sophie changed right before my eyes & she continues to show those changes! So simple to follow- makes sense. The time just flew by! I learned so much. I am absolutely recommending Bark Busters to all of my dog loving friends! Linda is an excellent trainer and very easy to work with. She taught me how to work with my puppy so that she can grow up being happy and secure! Permalink
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Largo | July 18 2007
We were very impressed with how quickly our dog caught on and began to show improvement. Vito showed us that with a little patience and the right technique your dog will respond very well. Permalink
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Hinckley | July 17 2007
Both Betsy and Kathy explained everything very well and answered all of my questions. I observed 100% noticeable results by the end of our 2½ hour session, my dog Moochie was already a different dog. I was really happy with the natural training techniques, I didn't feel like I was hurting or punishing her as opposed to correcting her. The training was very informative and we learned a lot about how to communicate with Moochie while we had lots of fun doing it. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters, my dog is 1000% better. Permalink
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Verona | July 17 2007
This was the best! Simple & Do-able! I have already recommended Bark Busters. Linda was fabulous & understanding. We were at the end of our rope until Linda arrived. Thank God for Linda! She saved us! Permalink
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Middleton | July 17 2007
Linda was awesome and I felt immediate comfort that she was going to help us. It really works - I am amazed! Permalink
Walled Lake | July 16 2007
I couldn't believe the change in Tony. By the time John left, I had a changed dog. I was very happy that the training did not revolve around bribing Tony with food. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone with a dog. Bark Busters helped make my home the peaceful place it once was. Everyone knows their place and couldn't be happier. THANK YOU! Permalink
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Madison | July 16 2007
I was thrilled at the improvement. I had thought that Riley was too old to learn new behavior at 5½ yrs old. He was showing such good behavior on day one! I had no idea Riley thought that he was in charge. He is now a pleasure to walk on the leash. My family has seen a definite change when they visit. No more barking! I told my sister in Illinois and she is now working with her 2 schnauzers. Linda is so professional, friendly, not intimidating. I liked the fact that she didn't push the products...they sold themselves. Permalink
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Kent | July 16 2007
Great tools and methods. Explained very well. Permalink