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Elmwood Park | May 02 2010
Our dog has benefited greatly from the training and has improved a lot. I was pleased with the training from day one because our experience has been so wonderful. Duffy has enjoyed his lessons with Chris as much as we have. What I loved about this training was how well we owners learned to work with our dog and how he trusts us. Permalink
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West Chester | May 02 2010
Even though I was upset before we started, Alan made both me and my dog calm. I could walk and command my dog after the first session. My dog did not respond to food training. We had a good time training Captain Morgan. I had a puppy who nipped me before Bark Busters and who did not respond to training with treats. He now stopped nipping and obeys me! Permalink
Coatesville | May 02 2010
Alan and Karen are very knowledgeable with their training. There was a big difference in Teddy's behavior after their very first session with us! Alan and Karen were very kind and considerate with Teddy and got excellent results using a gentle, yet firm, technique. The training was unique and consistently effective, producing amazing results without any abuse of Teddy! We would definitely recommend Bark Busters! Every owner should use this training process to be able to enjoy their pet's great behavior to the fullest extent. Karen and Alan both have a special gift and talent for educating both dogs and their owners! Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 01 2010
Patrick was very informative and professional. After just one lesson, we were overwhelmed with the results. The Bark Busters method is humane and pleasing, not harsh like a shock collar. During the lesson, we realized how Isabella, our Maltese, was in charge of our lives. At the end of one lesson, we were convinced that Isabella had been replaced with a different dog! Permalink
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Urbandale | May 01 2010
I couldn't believe how quickly my dogs changed their behavior. The training was very applicable to my life-easy to implement. Deb did an excellent job! The tips she gave me really work-I already see a change in my dogs' behavior after the first lesson. Not only is Deb knowledgeable, she presents in an entertaining style by illustrating points with stories and anecdotes that made the lesson fun. Deb is delightful! Permalink
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Enfield | April 30 2010
We were in awe after Scot came to our house. He showed us what to do to gain control over our 15-month-old dog, J.D. He was running the show, but now we are. I was surprised at how easy it was to change our dog's behavior; with Scot's guidance and tips we have a better dog. He (and we) are still training, but in 24 hours we saw such a change in J.D. and how we were dealing with J.D. We want to thank Scot and Bark Busters for guiding us in the right direction. You truly are the best. From truly happy customers. Permalink
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Chicago | April 30 2010
We rescued a dog five years ago who had been abused and was very afraid of people. Marlene and Howard were able to get through to him in the first session. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | April 30 2010
Patrick, our Bark Busters trainer, explained the training techniques in a way that was very easy to understand. By the end of one two-hour lesson, we had three new dogs! The natural training used by Bark Busters was the best for our dogs. Bark Busters was a great experience! Permalink
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Naples | April 29 2010
Colin and June easily connected with us immediately and set the stage for a very informative and enjoyable first session. Noticeable results were immediate. Both therapists were extremely knowledgeable about the training and were able to provide solutions to all problems. Permalink
Ft. Thomas | April 28 2010
We have a rescued, large, male yellow lab along with a smaller, 2-year-old, female yellow lab that we have had from a puppy. The rescued lab was originally submissive when interacting with the female lab, but as time progressed, he began to demonstrate more dominance which eventually escalated to aggressive fighting. Patrick helped this situation greatly by teaching our family of five how to gain leadership of this pack, and the amazing part is that it only took a 2 hour meeting to teach us the strategies to help. The dogs are continually making progress in becoming calm members of our family. Even the neighbors noticed the change in their behaviors. Less jumping up and more calm when petting. If it had not been for this, I am afraid we would have had to remove one of the dogs from the home...a situation that would have upset everyone in the family. I now look forward to many more years enjoying them!!! Much thanks to Patrick!! Permalink