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Pearl River | October 26 2007
I was skeptical at first, but after doing the training techniques I saw definite results. Permalink
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Ludlow | October 26 2007
Scot was so pleasant. Permalink
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Pleasant Ridge | October 25 2007
Because of this training, I am able to keep my 2nd found stray. The dogs no longer fight and are learning to be polite walking on leash etc. I have referred to my vet, the Royal Oak shelter and individuals. Permalink
Madison | October 24 2007
The techniques make sense. I love the look of my satisfied and submisive pooch! My dogs still have a long way to go, but I did notice results, especially on walking. I look forward to a more rewarding relationship with my dogs. Permalink
McFarland | October 24 2007
I would recommend Bark Busters because of almost instant change in the dog's behavior. Evie is a much happier and relaxed dog! Permalink
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Lakewood, Colorado | October 24 2007
Brian is very knowledgeable and adjusted the training to fit my hyper dog's and also my very shy dog's needs. Permalink
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Reno | October 23 2007
Katherine was just awesome! In just a few hours, she helped us turn Izzy's behavior around. Permalink
Clarkston | October 22 2007
The change was unbelievable! I was shocked how fast Jamie responded to the training. Simply amazing! If it can work this fast for my dog, it can work for any dog. Permalink
Rochester Hills | October 22 2007
My dogs were completely different! I love the idea that the only time I need to put my hands on my dogs is when I pet them. I couldn't stop smiling at how well my dogs were behaving. Owning dogs just got more fun! Permalink
Auburn Hills | October 22 2007
I now feel like my dog and I understand one another. I no longer feel anxiety about having my dog in public, because he has allowed ME to take the lead. Thank you so much for your time and patience! Howie and I are enjoying our new life! Permalink