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Rochester | June 02 2010
I find it amazing how quickly my dog Leo responded to the training! Permalink
Rochester Hills | June 02 2010
It is so easy! Wish we did this earlier when our dog was younger! Permalink
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Southfield | June 01 2010
Thank you, Bark Busters!! I have worked at North Branch Animal Hospital for 15 years and pride myself on knowing a lot about canine behavior. I have trained two black labs with much success. Then we adopted Ben (a sweet but hyper Havanese mix). Maril came to my home to evaluate what problems we were having with Ben and then targeted the training to match. Not only did she teach me to train my dog, but she came back and taught my reluctant husband. Ben has responded beautifully, and we are so excited to have some peace in our home again. We actually saw results in one day of Maril's visit. No longer is he a maniac when someone comes to the door-he's so well-behaved, the people who have visited are completely impressed. I am so impressed with Maril and their training methods that I am referring all my friends and my clients at the animal hospital only to Bark Busters ... they are truly amazing. Permalink
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Washington | June 01 2010
It has been a miracle!! I am continually amazed at the immediate, lasting results!! I am so grateful! Permalink
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Hermosa Beach | June 01 2010
We adopted Riley from a friend who had purchased Bark Busters' lifetime training. I expected it to be a struggle to get a trainer here because the dog lived in Hawaii, and we moved him to California. Sue was so eager to come over and help us brush up on our training skills for him. No questions asked-she came over when we first called. I had never heard of Bark Busters before, but now I will recommend it to anyone who is in need of dog training. Sue was very attentive to our needs and went above and beyond to assist us. Thank you, Sue, for all your help!!! Permalink
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Conover | June 01 2010
We phoned Butch when Anne bought her first dog and needed assistance with the basics of caring for and training a puppy. Butch taught Anne so much during the first session and continued to guide her as her puppy grew. Butch obviously loves dogs and loves working with dogs and their humans. He returns phone calls promptly and arranges sessions around the owner's schedule. We are glad to be able to recommend Butch to other canine lovers. Permalink
Henderson | May 31 2010
Christine continues to work miracles for me and my three dogs. I thought I could handle two, but when I got the border collie/Lab mix, Bernie and I needed HELP! Christine has helped me be the leader of my pack, they are all so much happier and calm. I was able to walk Bernie around the block for the first time today! :) It took a while, but we did it. Feeding time was a disaster; my springer, Tek, would bark and it was so annoying. Now they all three sit and wait outside of the kitchen to eat-it is heaven. Thanks again Christine, and I am looking forward to more lessons. Permalink
Berlin | May 31 2010
Kurt was very thorough and went into great detail to make sure we understood the techniques. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training session. It was amazing. We could actually go for a calm walk with our dog. We were very pleased that the training is natural, and we didn't have to buy into a lot of toys and treats to get our dog to listen. Since we are doing this as a family, we found the training to be a way for us all to connect since we are all so busy. We had a lot of fun doing it together. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. The training is not only helping the dog but helping us learn how to interact and motivate him. This was definitely worth the investment. Permalink
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Cherry Hill | May 31 2010
Change in the dog's behavior was seen at the end of each session with Kurt. Kurt was/is always professional and timely. He addressed each and every question asked. Kurt communicated well with us as well as our dog. We felt that he cared about our animal and wanted us to be successful as a family. Most importantly, Kurt had a good sense of humor and made working with our dog fun! We look forward to more sessions with Kurt. Thanks! Permalink
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Evanston | May 30 2010
Marlene and Howard are wonderful - we are telling everyone we know with a dog to call them! Permalink