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Norfolk | October 31 2008
Dale is our very own "Dog Whisper!" We have used his services for 2 years for our miniature schnauzer, and currently for our giant schnauzer. He was helped us train our dogs to become obedient members of our family. We will continue to use Dale and Bark Busters as we may expand our pack! Permalink
Fort Collins | October 30 2008
Carol and Bark Busters gave my foster dog, Hana, a great opportunity to find her forever home. I jokingly had told the rescue group that the only home Hana could be placed in was with a deaf family with no neighbors. Hana was a demanding dog, barking when things weren't her way, which was most of the time. I have shown dogs in obedience in the past, but Hana's barking was way out of my league. Working with Carol and the Bark Busters techniques, Hana was a completely different dog within two hours and a pleasure to live with. With Hana finally quiet and respectful, it showed the improvements needed in my own dog (who Carol and I are going to work with next week). Hana came with a Bark Busters lifetime guarantee so her new home could pick up where we left off. Within 2 weeks of the Bark Busters training, Hana found her forever home with a man who loves her dearly and is committed to working with Hana and his local Bark Busters trainer. If not for Bark Busters, Hana would still be my foster dog and still looking for the perfect home she now has. Permalink
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Merritt Island | October 30 2008
Terry not only explained the material but was able to relate the techniques to our specific behavior problems. Our dog is a "tough case," but he was definitely different after our first session. Even more noticeable results were ahead after the second session. The [natural training techniques] are simple and make sense. The first session was a little long, information overload, but it was all important and relevant. Terry really knows her stuff -- she is every bit as good as the celebrity dog trainers on television. Permalink
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Westland | October 30 2008
Hi Maril, It was so nice to finally meet you at Zeus's party. Being a cancer patient on chemo, I was so afraid that Zeus and I would never get along. I thought I'd end up missing an arm and not being able to visit my daughter. Because of your great teaching methods, he and I are now the best of buddies. He stands in front of the window whining and getting all excited looking for his Grandma now. He and I even sleep together when I'm over there. Zeus and I are the best of buddies now and all my fear is gone. Even Lucky waits, sitting patiently, for his massage from Grandma after Zeus gets his. Thanks again! Peggy (Lucky & Zeus's Grandma) P.S. They are both a great joy to be with! Permalink
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Grosse Pointe Park | October 30 2008
By the end of out first session, Ginger began to understand how to stay away from the door when I'm greeting guests. The techniques were easy and understandable. The lifetime follow-up is very effective. Permalink
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Ferndale | October 30 2008
I felt that it was very easy to understand & fun to learn. It is great to watch Maril go through the lesson, but she watched Ares' personality the whole time, so when it came time she knew exactly what to do. Right after Maril left, I noticed results. We've had minor setbacks but nothing like we were before training began. To hear that we do not have to get physical with our dog for discipline is great. These simple but consistent techniques are wonderful. Maril is definitely fun to be around but her strength to teach is awesome! She makes it really fun to learn. I think the training techniques are so easy to learn that anyone could pick these up and find out what a joy their dog is to have around. Having a woman come to my house to teach me how to train my dog was a great experience. She is a positive force, letting me know I can do this. Also she gave me reinforcement letting me know that I was doing a good job & that really helped, especially since I was so frustrated from Ares behavior. (Ares is a 1Y Male American Staffordshire terrier who was biting Laura.) Permalink
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St. Petersburg | October 30 2008
We have nothing but praise for Vito. He is kind, professional and gets results. Cody is still in "training" but we noticed a big difference after the first session. Vito is a huge asset to Bark Busters. P.S. We love the gentle methods of training. Permalink
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Windermere | October 26 2008
Jim was awesome with our 2 dogs, Rocket and Jupiter, and the difference in both dogs behavior from the time Jim showed up and the time he left was AMAZING! We will recommend Bark Busters and Jim to everyone we know. Permalink
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Orlando | October 26 2008
Jim was very knowledgeable and patient, and he explained the training techniques to us clearly and made the training interesting. Our dog was more responsive to his name and to commands he was much better walking on leash. My husband is doing better with the growl and the training than me. Jim has great experience and good insight to a dog's behavior and our dog is listening to us and walking much better on leash than before. Permalink
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Waterford | October 26 2008
Rachel was excellent demonstrating & explaining the various techniques with us. Opie was already showing improvement before Rachel left. Rachel was excellent with our dog Opie! She was very patient & made it easy to learn the different training techniques! In three days we've already noticed a HUGE difference in Opie's behavior!! Permalink