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Danbury | December 30 2010
Tom's presentation of the training methods were clear and concise, and Jasper responded immediately. The best news of all is he is still behaving. The methods were dog friendly, easy to follow and they work, I couldn't be happier. Permalink
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Seattle | December 30 2010
David spent a very productive hour with us to carefully explain in layman's terms the key drivers for Sprout's behavior, ideas for why Sprout had been barking and fully prepared our family before we started working with Sprout. My husband and son both said within minutes of starting training, "it is like he's a new dog" and were laughing. This was such a welcome relief after the tension build up since we adopted him two years ago. David's patience, understanding and knowledge of how to incrementally build on the success of the first 15 minutes for the rest of the session was phenomenal! Permalink
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St. Johns | December 30 2010
Linda was clear and direct and answered our questions thoroughly. Her flip charts helped us to understand as well. It was amazing. I could clearly see a difference in Huck's body language and behavior. He was so happy after the training. I could tell that this work will be satisfying for him as well as us. We are delighted. The techniques make sense and got immediate results, even with a puppy! I learned so much! It really is fascinating to learn about canine behavior and communication. We have already had a chance to recommend Bark Busters because many people have commented on how well behaved Huck is. We will continue to sing the praises of Bark Busters! Linda and Bark Busters have given me the confidence to raise a happy, well adjusted dog. As a first time pet owner, I feared that I might not have what it takes to train my puppy. Bark Busters has given me all the tools and support I need-for the life of my dog! Thanks! Permalink
Chino | December 30 2010
When we met Wendy, we had two out of control standard poodles. Ava was 4½ and ZsaZsa was 7 months old. My husband was skeptical of going through "another" trainer. The girls were impossible to walk. They pulled us down the street and went crazy when anyone walked by with another dog. They went nuts when friends and family came to the door and we were always afraid they would run down the street if the door was left open. Within 2 visits with Wendy, the girls were manageable on a leash and sat and stayed when we opened the door to family and friends. After a couple of more visits, they heel all of the time when we walk them and with the right training tools & commands, they do not go crazy with other dogs and people. When friends come through the front door they sit politely until we release them. We love the positive training techniques we learned from Wendy and enjoy the girls so much more. To hear my husband give the commands and understand that he is the pack leader has been great and the frustration we had with them is gone. We cannot say enough great things about Wendy and the wonderful training she gave us. We can even take them to the dog park and they come at our command. We are big believers in the Bark Busters method and recommend Wendy to anyone who would like to have well behaved dogs. Permalink
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Monroe | December 28 2010
I was amazed at how quickly my dog, Daisey, responded immediately to my commands. I am now the Pack Leader in my home. Tom explained everything , he is a great trainer I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone looking for help with their dog. Permalink
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mr G greensboro, North Carolina | December 28 2010
It is after Christmas and I had to write a review because my dog Pete, was incredible throughout all of the visitors and crazy schedules over the holidays. My wife and I worked with Amy only a few short weeks ago to get Pete to stop jumping on guests and scaring them with his barking when they came to the door. In these weeks we got that to stop and we got the walks to be better as he does not bark and want to run at everyone he sees. Pete even comes when he is called. THAT is something I never thought he would do and felt I could just offer a treat for the rest of his life, but Amy let us know that we could get all the behaviors we wanted. We do not have to wrestle Pete anymore to get him away from the door and into a bedroom. We had about 14 people over the holidays and Pete was great. It was nice to show off my dog! Permalink
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Rochester Hills | December 27 2010
The results of the training with Remi's barking have been FANTASTIC! Permalink
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Naples and Marco Island | December 27 2010
As a Vet Tech, I am asked behavioral questions all the time. It is good to be able to relay these techniques and refer people to Bark Busters. When explaining the training techniques, Colin even took the time to show my 7-year-old son how to walk Buddy, and make the right corrections. We observed noticeable results by the end of our single lesson as our dog was very responsive and exhausted by the end of our session. I was extremely pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters - Buddy was never afraid. The whole training experience was both interesting and enjoyable, and I do recommend Bark Busters. Thank you June and Colin! Permalink
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Cortlandt Manor | December 27 2010
Mark was an excellent communicator and I found him very easy to follow and understand. Mark answered every question I had and offered understandable and sensible solutions to problems with our dogs' behavior. Roxy has made noticeable changes in her barking behavior. I love the idea of "natural training" in keeping with how dogs relate to one another. Mark kept our attention and commanded the dogs' attention very effectively. Permalink
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Mt. Kisco | December 26 2010
Thank you Mark! Permalink