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Westminster | October 27 2010
Noticeable results were observed by the end of training and I was pleased with the natural techniques. The training experience was very interesting, but got a little frustrating at times, which was to be expected since my dogs are very stubborn! Permalink
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Bonita Springs | October 27 2010
We like the gentle training method and it seems to work! Permalink
Breckenridge | October 27 2010
Dear Julie: My husband, Wayne McLaren, and I want you to know how much we appreciate your visits to Breckenridge, CO, even though our Bark Busters contract was originally signed and paid for in Coral Springs, FL. Our golden retriever puppy, Chloe, began her training in Florida where she did not encounter as many people and dogs during her walks as she does in Colorado. She was giving me a little bit of trouble pulling while walking and not coming when called on the hiking trails. She was also jumping on anyone who smiled at her. After only two sessions with you, she is behaving like a perfect angel when I take her out and about. We have now had experience with two trainers from Bark Busters, you and Tracy Nick, our regular trainer in Florida, and both of you have been impressive, professional, and reliable. I would be happy to recommend you. At right is a picture of Molly, our 9.5-year-old golden with Chloe at about seven months. She is now nine months old. Thanks again. Permalink
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Naples | October 26 2010
We were amazed with how well the training worked with Otis and Hunter too. The dogs are transformed. Thank you. Permalink
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Brooklyn | October 26 2010
I am thrilled with the progress we have made with my 3 dachshunds in only one visit. I had heard great things about Bark Busters prior to calling for an appointment and yet was not prepared for the quick results we were able to achieve in just one session. There's a lot of work that needs to be done and I know it will be an ongoing challenge with one of my stubborn guys but with Rob's and Bark Busters' help I feel a level of confidence I never had before. And the guys are learning to respect me. Thank you! Permalink
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Glendale | October 25 2010
It helped me relax when dealing with behaviors that caused stress and disruption. The techniques simplified things tremendously. It was fascinating to watch the 'gears shift' in our dogs as they learned appropriate responses. I liked the idea of the techniques and quick results. It was very interesting to watch my dogs' responses. Especially to see my more dominant dog defer to us, rather than react on his own. I felt before the Bark Busters consult that Rocco would not be able to live in our family because of his dominant personality and rivalry with one of our other dogs. But since working with Nikki I feel confident he can be integrated into our family and all the dogs can live harmoniously. Permalink
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Milwaukee | October 25 2010
Nikki was very personable and patient with us. She was also very good at keeping us on track. We have already seen significantly better behavior a day after the first lesson. I love not having to use treats! I am so excited to continue and see just how far we can go. Permalink
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Fort Myers | October 25 2010
Chloe, my Toy Poodle puppy, finally listens to me! Permalink
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Bonita Springs | October 25 2010
I recommend Bark Busters because it works instantaneously! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | October 25 2010
Patrick, our trainer, took his time explaining why and how the techniques work and answered all of our questions. I noticed Maki doing things he has never done before and we know that it does need to be reinforced. It was amazing to see Maki respond to the Bark Busters commands. I like knowing "why" the techniques work and enjoyed seeing our dog do his best to obey. It was great seeing a kind, humane way to have Maki become a good member of our family. Permalink