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Glencoe | November 20 2010
We have met the "dog whisperer" and it is Brad Howe!!!! We have an Airedale Terrier-a more challenging breed to train, we learned. She is totally trained-to our utter amazement. Through patience, clear instruction to us, and consistency-we have a magnificently well trained and fabulous dog. Her high energy level and need for constant exercise could have been a challenge-but not for Brad. When we needed as little "fine tuning" as "leaders of the pack," Brad patiently visited and helped us out. I cannot say enough positive things about the method or this trainer!!! Permalink
Birmingham | November 19 2010
I have experienced other training programs but none with such FAST RESULTS! Permalink
Royal Oak | November 19 2010
Trainer was kind, reassuring and patient. Jake responded well! We are learning how to have Jake respond to OUR initiatives, not just vice versa! Permalink
White Lake | November 19 2010
John Lieberman was very clear & thorough, and GREAT with follow-up! We already [recommend Bark Busters] and will continue to do so! Permalink
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Charles N Vernon Hills | November 19 2010
Amazing change in 2 hours. Very simple and clear. The voice commands and collar were effective and humane. We need to get used to this to make it 2nd nature and automatic. I would recommend the system because of its' simplicity and effectiveness. Permalink
Pittsburo | November 19 2010
Did we observe noticeable results by the end of the training?- Absolutely. I have been recommending Bark Busters to all my dog friends. The techniques are working well - Everyone is delighted. Permalink
Surprise | November 19 2010
I am extremely pleased with my interactions with Michelle Willey. When I first asked her to assess my Doberman (Jessie) and my black Lab (Jake), I wasn't sure that I would get the evaluation I wanted. My goal is to have both of them become therapy dogs and make visits with me to military hospitals in our area. At the time of her initial evaluation Jessie and Jake were just about a year old and suffering from terminal puppyhood. An extensive initial evaluation took place in our home and I was amazed at the response I got from both after watching Michelle work with them and when I followed her instructions. Every comment, even addressing a problem area, is made in a very positive manner and with a great deal of confidence that the problem will be solved. Her gentle support and encouragement for both the dogs and for me have been much appreciated. I am, in fact, the alpha dog of our "pack" but that's a different story and I digress. Jessie and Jake have now passed the CGC and we're in the process of getting them enrolled in the therapy dog training. Even now Michelle remains an enthusiastic supporter of them, despite an extremely busy schedule. Prior to contacting Bark Busters I did extensive research on dog training in our area, including a thorough review of your mission statement and philosophy. From what I can see Michelle upholds the finest traditions of your company and serves as a tremendous ambassador for Bark Busters to all dog owners in our area. When we brought a rescued puppy into our pack, at my son's request, Michelle took on the challenge with the same positive and optimistic approach I have always seen in her. My son has learned how to deal more effectively as the "alpha" for his dog and along the way, has learned some very positive lessons in how to deal with challenges in his own life. You all should be very proud of the work Michelle has done here in the Surprise AZ area and her work to further the Bark Busters philosophy. Thank you for making it possible for us to become involved with your very worthwhile organization and thank you for the opportunity to continue working with Michelle. It's been an absolute joy training my dogs and working with Michelle. Permalink
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Cheryl P Grayslake | November 19 2010
We really liked how Mary asked us what we wanted from these training sessions and did not judge us by our response. She focused on the things we wanted. Also, I never got the sense of Mary using "little dog" syndrome in her training. We took our first dog to a class and the trainer seemed only to be interested in the larger breeds. Mary seemed very interested in Willie himself. While pricey, the one on one training was invaluable. Have always brought home puppies in the past, so working with a 2 year old rescue dog, we were very cautious about training techniques. Permalink
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Lenette S Vernon Hills | November 19 2010
Sessions are very helpful and positive. Mary spends as much time with us as we need. Thank you. Permalink
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Marge H Highland Park | November 19 2010
We have been through numerous classes that are treat based and we like this method better. Permalink