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Lake Orion | October 02 2007
Baxter is such a cute puppy, but his looks were deceiving. After a few days at home, I was completely stressed and I wanted to give him away. He used my house as his "bathroom" and you could not touch him without being his chew toy. Now, he goes to the back door to "potty" and his biting and nipping of the hands and chin are almost non-existent. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | October 02 2007
It's a great way to learn how to be a good dog owner and friend. Permalink
Royal Oak | October 02 2007
So easy to understand you think, "Why couldn't I figure that out?" I've never seen Cowboy not bark and run to the door when someone is here, but after only two hours of training, he was a perfect gentleman. I am very pleased that I will not be using my shock collar or pulling Cowboy by the collar anymore. Permalink
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Albany | October 02 2007
The first visit was very impressive. Very helpful in reversing bad habits. Dog seemed to key in on trainer immediately. Permalink
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Colonie | October 02 2007
Rachel was very informative and helpful in all aspects of the training. Rachel was very good at what she does! We were much happier with these techniques than others we have heard of before. Permalink
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Albany | October 02 2007
I realized immediately where I was making mistakes and needed to think canine! Dog was in car immediately following training and responded to training for motorcycle "aggression." Much quicker response time than feeding method and I love growling! Two hours flew by! I already have recommended Bark Busters to my doctor. I can't understand why almost 1 year of training and vet bills that no one has ever presented me with these simple methods and behavior techniques. I had a well-respected animal behaviorist tell me "this is your last resort...there is nothing else I can do for your dog" aside from prescribing Zanax and Prozac! In the last 10 months, I have spent almost 10 times the cost of 1 visit by Bark Busters with very little encouragement or success. Rachel walked in with a "no problem - we can do this" attitude and the results were apparent immediately. I can't wait to see the results after a few months of training! Thanks so much!! Permalink
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Orlando | October 02 2007
Jim's explanations were excellent. I thought I knew a lot about dog behavior, but I learned more in 3 hours than I had in the 5 yrs I have owned my dogs. The results were immediate and obvious. I have NEVER, in 5 years, seen my dogs respond the way they did! The training techniques are very applicable to any situation and are also very user friendly. Permalink
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Stafford Springs | October 01 2007
Very easy to understand. Permalink
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Oakland | October 01 2007
I thought you would like to know we really learned a lot from you. I am amazed at how much and how quickly Keily has improved. Even the same day you were here. He listens to and reacts in a positive way to my commands, is more relaxed and even seems happier. Even though we aren't always 100% consistent, your methods are very effective. We are looking forward to our next meeting with you. Permalink
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San Francisco | October 01 2007
Great! I am completely convinced, and it is me who needed the training on how to handle my dogs, they needed minimal training. Permalink