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Denver | April 13 2009
Remarkable! Difference in dog behavior in minutes! We are very pleased with Becky and the training program. Permalink
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Cortlandt Manor | April 12 2009
Mark was very thorough. The dogs responded well. We were surprised the techniques were straightforward and simple. Permalink
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Douglassville | April 12 2009
Jeri goes out of her way to deal with diverse personalities of both canine and human persuasion! Permalink
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Norristown | April 12 2009
We were immediately captured by the information. We were able to notice Ringer's willingness for learning as well as observe his demeanor. The natural training as well as being made aware of the natural foods (instead of fillers) we should (will) provide was excellent. The training was interesting and enjoyable as well as sensible for both dog and owner. This was also very easy to turn into practice - it empowered me. Having been made aware of my role has allowed me to become more "dominant" with our dog allowing him to rely on me instead of him being/feeling like he has to do it all. Jeri's openness and honesty allowed me to clearly understand my role as dog owner and what I need to change in order for Ringer to be obedient as well as successful as an obedient dog. Permalink
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Norristown | April 12 2009
I've noticed an improvement in Sam by following the training. Although we are not done, I've gotten further along with Sam now than I have in a year. Easy simple methods that work. It's not only about training the dog but the owner, too. Permalink
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Dunedin | April 11 2009
Vito's knowledge was impressive. Even more impressive was how fast the techniques he used worked. We are very happy with our choice to use Bark Busters services. We look forward to enjoying our time more with Mya and our new addition to our pack, Ziggy. Thank you Vito and Bark Busters! Permalink
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St. Louis | April 10 2009
We have already recommended Bark Busters. Our dog, Daisy, has changed -- can actually be delightful. Kathy was terrific. Our stress level is noticeably lower. I was ready to find another home for Daisy bit now we have a much better behaved dog. We still have a lot to practice on but I am sure we will get there. Permalink
Jackson | April 10 2009
I rescued my Jack Russell terrier, Twinky, and I thought I had made a huge mistake as she certainly had some people trust issues! Thank God for Nicholas and Bark Busters. Nicholas was GREAT and super patient with all my questions. He also provided a lot of information and tips so that now Twinky is a very well-adjusted dog and well on her way to becoming a "people" dog, which is something that would not be possible without Nicholas's help! People who now see my dog are amazed at how she has changed. I highly recommend Nicholas and Bark Busters. Well done! Permalink
James Island | April 10 2009
We felt that the book accompanying the speech at the first lesson was very effective in helping us understand the training techniques. ~ At the end of training my relationship with my Boykin Spaniel, Rhett, had improved dramatically. Things that I used to think were impossible for me to do with Rhett are now enjoyable -- like going for walks! By using natural training techniques, you form a new relationship with your dog in which your dog trusts you and waits for you commands, not treats or rewards. ~ James and Michelle have the perfect personality for this job. They can teach without making us feel like we've been doing it wrong! Their approach to training is almost immediately effective. They make sure you get what you need out of training. I can't express how thankful I am for their work! Permalink
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Naples | April 10 2009
Excellent! We can't believe a dog training system so easy that takes such little time could have such a big difference. I was at my wit's end and thought I might have to put Simba (Lhasa Apso) down, which really upset me, he was so aggressive. Now he is 100 times better and a pleasure to walk and be around. Thank you so much, Patrick! Permalink