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Clermont | November 18 2007
Jim Lory is a great mentor. We are very happy with our results. Permalink
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Windermere | November 18 2007
Jim explained everything clearly and we saw noticeable results by the end of the first session. The training was interesting and enjoyable and we were pleased with the techniques that Jim taught us. Permalink
Orlando | November 18 2007
I cannot praise Jim and Bark Busters enough. My daughter got a wonderful Chihuahua named Ren in 2005 and since she will be graduating from college soon, I thought I would get a dog of my own. When I saw Rocky I fell in love and since he was a Chihuahua, I thought it was a perfect match! Permalink
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Southampton | November 17 2007
We felt things were getting out of control with our 4-month-old black Lab. Pete was very accommodating to our schedule; his training techniques were easy to understand and put into place. Pete helped us and our dog is better behaved. Permalink
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King of Prussia | November 17 2007
Peter has done an excellent job! Permalink
Saratoga Springs | November 16 2007
I invested in the Bark Busters training in spring of 2006 when I lived in Raleigh, NC. To this day, it remains the best investment I made for my dog. My original training was fantastic and my dog (Rocco) became a different dog in less than an hour (for the better). Over time, I let certain behaviors slide and Rocco was slowly becoming a monster again. I just moved back north and luckily I remembered that the Bark Busters guarantee traveled with me and I was lucky enough to move to the territory that Rachel covered. Rachel came out and worked with us and the transformation this time was even better than before. Rachel is really gifted in this training and I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Permalink
Madison | November 16 2007
East to understand. Trainer respects the owner. I never felt stupid or silly. Linda got me interested in things about dogs I never thought about before. Lots of information, but freely given at a learnable rate. I never felt like she lost me, never felt like the level of training with my dog was anything but normal. Took my pet on as a member of our family, which she is. Very entertaining. Never boring. Never strayed from the subject matter. Permalink
Dodgeville | November 16 2007
We appreciate that the training is not treat or punishment based. The time we spent training went by very quickly. Within 5 minutes, it was like we had a different dog. We were shocked and very pleased. I would recommend this training to anyone in need. Permalink
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St. Libory | November 16 2007
Kathy visited us on Sunday and by the next day I was able to control Baley. Permalink
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Seminole | November 16 2007
Vito has changed a stressed home into an informative, relaxing and enjoyable working and training atmosphere. We are reading and re-reading our outlines daily doing our scenes and also during our everyday routines. Thank you for the right training for Alex. Permalink