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Naples | February 18 2008
It is easy to understand. The day of the lesson everything was great. As we failed to be "good leaders" it got worse. We had Patrick back for another visit and have a better handle of it now. Patrick's second visit helped us to fix in our minds what it is that we need to do. Permalink
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Orlando | February 18 2008
Jim explained the techniques clearly and it related a lot with the teaching techniques I use in the classroom. The training took a bit of time to get used to but I saw results and my dog was sitting and staying at the first lesson. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends. Permalink
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Cape Coral | February 18 2008
Bark Busters is extremely easy to understand. We observed amazing results by the end of the training. We didn't believe it would be possible, especially in 2 hours! We found the training experience to be very interesting and we were very pleased by the natural training techniques. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. It is the best technique in dog training. Permalink
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Clermont | February 18 2008
Jim was clear in explaining the training techniques to us. While at first the growl seemed odd, now we see that it works. In the beginning of the session, our dog, Max, wanted to kill Jim. But by the end of the session, he was very friendly. We had tried other techniques we thought would work but they didn't. It was great seeing my dogs respond to commands. I would recommend Bark Busters because I saw firsthand that it works. At first we had dogs that wouldn't listen to anyone and now we have dogs that respect us and do what they are told. THANKS! Permalink
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Fort Myers | February 17 2008
Thanks so much for your help with Remy and Mulligan. We really should have sought help with them years ago to avoid endless frustrations and unwanted behavior. It's only been a week and we already see a remarkable improvement in both dogs! Our home is a much quieter, more peaceful place to be. We cannot thank you enough. The Bark Busters methods are very effective and humane. You can teach old dogs new tricks! Permalink
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Naples | February 17 2008
OUTSTANDING! We saw immediate results. Thank you for helping us with our 11-year-old beagle. Permalink
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Bonita Springs | February 17 2008
Quite amazing! Permalink
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Taylor | February 16 2008
The initial presentation was VERY enlightening. I feel like I understand my dogs 10x better. They're different dogs. It was logical, accessible and humane. Maril & Bob made it very enjoyable - they were patient and exceptional teachers. I look forward to working with them more. It was SO worth the money. Absolutely! Permalink
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Rockledge | February 16 2008
Excellent service. Household stress level has dramatically reduced. Focus has changed from being angry with the dog, to being happy, petting, and praising. Permalink
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Satellite Beach | February 16 2008
Patient, explained well. I had a clear idea of what to do for my work with my dog during the week. Permalink