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Candace R Albuquerque, New Mexico | January 22 2010
After only a few days I noticed a big change in how my dogs behave. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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La Jolla | January 20 2010
Our young golden retriever needed help with certain behavioral issues we were unable to correct on our own and we decided to call in a professional trainer. Having had some experience with trainers in the past, but not knowing any now, I took my time exploring the ratings as well as others listed online. One I looked at was Bark Busters. I liked their presentation and contacted the trainer in our area, Jan Janecki. We hired Jan for 2½ hours to assess our dog's needs and demonstrate ways to solve our problems. This she did very well. Jan knows canine psychology and clued us in on the steps we could take to eliminate some annoying issues as well as build up our dog's confidence. With firm kindness she took us under her wing and showed us what to do to achieve the desired outcome -- a pleasant family dog. Dog owners who decide to hire a trainer must accept the responsibility for following through on the lessons taught, i.e. there's homework to be done here and all the lessons in the world will be for naught if the studying afterward isn't completed. This is because, in the end, it is the owner who is the student, and it is the trainer who teaches him to be the better owner. We highly recommend Jan Janecki and will continue to use her services. Permalink
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Lake Mary | January 19 2010
I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help you gave us with McGee, he is a completely different dog since the training. We will probably schedule follow-up down the road when we have kids, but what you have taught us is helping tremendously for now! McGee and Lillie (the new girl) stay alone together all day while we're at work and it has made our lives 100% better (and theirs too!). I've recommended you to so many people, I can't believe how much of a difference it has made! Permalink
Berkley | January 18 2010
Lisa did a great job explaining techniques by using situational set-ups. The non-physical training technique is extremely appealing! Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | January 18 2010
We waited until Ziggy was over five years old. I wish we had contacted Bark Busters when he was a puppy! We had tried to train him with a much more "physical" kind of training before with no success! [John] listened attentively and proceeded in a way that was appropriate to our needs. He gave us enough info and training techniques to make a huge difference already. Ziggy was already responding better before John left and continued after John left. [John] has already made a follow-up call and I know is available to us when we need him! Permalink
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Bonita Springs | January 16 2010
Patrick took his time to explain the natural, pleasing training techniques used by Bark Busters. He stopped frequently and asked questions to make sure we understood. After 10 minutes, Henry, our 5 month old Basset Hound, was walking by my side with no pulling. The training program is very interesting and different from any other program I have seen. I am convinced that it will be a much more enjoyable experience having our puppy since Bark Busters. Permalink
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Largo | January 15 2010
Vito was very patient and knowledgeable in his instruction. I was amazed how quickly Shep responded to the "bah" correction. The training techniques are sensible and really do work. Permalink
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Woodburn | January 14 2010
We would absolutely recommend Dick and Bark Busters! Earl is a different dog. He is well behaved and obedient. Our daily routine reinforces the initial training. Bark Busters is truly amazing! Permalink
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Hillsboro | January 14 2010
Absolutely recommend Dick and Bark Busters! There was a noticeable improvement immediately in Patron with his incessant barking and rushing to the front door. Permalink
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Forest Grove | January 14 2010
Dick went over the techniques several times in order for me to 'catch' on. Permalink