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City Island | April 23 2009
I think our dogs Woody & Elwood have responded very well to training and all dogs would do as well. We are very happy we called Mark & Bark Busters. Permalink
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North Las Vegas | April 23 2009
We are thrilled with the changes in our dog's behavior and feel we now have the tools to deal with any future problems or issues should they present themselves. I appreciate the lifetime guarantee and the ability to call Bark Busters if I need anything further. Christine was very thorough. My friends are surprised it's the same dog. I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. It's a great service & training. Permalink
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Aloha | April 23 2009
Dick gave us opportunities all the way through to ask questions and was very thorough in his explanations. Oh my! We observed noticeable results by the end of our first training session! I was so nervous to have my dogs outside with kids around but by the end I wasn't. It is a huge relief already and I'm excited about our decision to hire Bark Busters. Dick showed me how to use the collar properly to prove I wasn't hurting the dog. I really liked it. Dick was so nice and customized the training to the areas we needed most and some we didn't know we needed. Thank you! Permalink
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Dearborn | April 23 2009
The directions were very clear and the reasoning behind the directions made perfect sense. My 12-month-old, high-strung Irish Setter had amazing behavioral results. I never would have thought that such simple, natural training techniques would have such large results. I found the training interesting because it took me out of my usual concepts and gave me a new perspective on a dogs way of thinking & behavior. Bark Busters, Maril Zbik, was very prompt with the appointment times. Maril helped me understand my dogs behavior and why she does things. My Irish Setter's behavior improved from the very first appointment. I am less stressed out now hat I have learned to become the leader. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone and already have through word of mouth and face to face. Permalink
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Nancy D Alto, Michigan | April 23 2009
The training was very complete and understandable. Nippy responds to the growl- is a lot less jumpy and starting to come when called. I find it very easy and much better than using discipline and rewards! It was fun to see her respond to such simple techniques. I already have told everyone at work about Bark Busters. Permalink
Harrelson | April 22 2009
I was ready to give my dog back to my daughter before Leigh Ann's help. She had him going potty outside and walking on a leash by the end of training. I didn't think it would be as easy as it was to train. I'm too tenderhearted to use mean techniques. I've already recommended Bark Busters to several friends. My husband and I said we would never have any pets, let alone house pets, but Leigh Ann made it so easy to train our first pet. We are going to adopt him a little sister and we are very excited. Permalink
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Hazel Park | April 22 2009
I highly recommend Bark Busters dog training to anyone who has a dog -- whether the pet is young or old. There training tools are great, as is the trainer who comes to your home to walk you through all that you need to know. They are just a call away if you need to ask them any questions . They also do followup on you if you have not called them. If you have a good dog and needs only a little training or dog with a lot of training Bark Busters is the one for you. Permalink
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Elk Grove Village | April 22 2009
Chris was great! She helped me see what I was lacking in leadership and showed me numerous ways to handle Minnie's urges to be in control. Minnie listens better, walks on the leash without pulling and over time has begun to respect me as the "pack leader." Thanks! Permalink
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Gibsonton | April 20 2009
I like the approach of addressing behaviors by working on thinking like a dog and using the tools that were provided. Permalink
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Clementon | April 20 2009
Several days after the lesson, Kurt called and answered the questions we had. I was just going to call him when he called! Permalink