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Gibsonton | April 20 2009
I like the approach of addressing behaviors by working on thinking like a dog and using the tools that were provided. Permalink
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Clementon | April 20 2009
Several days after the lesson, Kurt called and answered the questions we had. I was just going to call him when he called! Permalink
Edmonds | April 18 2009
From the moment Connie entered our house I knew, not only would our dogs respond well, but we (the humans) would be retrained. I trained my previous dogs with good results, but found that our cairn terriers needed more training than I was able to give. Jazz is three and Eddie is two. Both dogs are doing well with the training. Connie has been great and the Bark Busters techniques are amazing. We (the humans) continue with our training too. Permalink
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Lafayette | April 17 2009
Andrea is great with clear & consistent messaging. This is as much about us as it is training the dog. She's doing great at both. The difference is noticeable immediately. Instant results! Andrea has been great! This is exactly what we were looking for when we called Bark Busters! Permalink
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Longmont | April 17 2009
The training is easy to understand (lots of light bulb moments). It was like magic. Couldn't hardly believe it was the same dog. It was very respectful to me and especially Bella, my dog! It was very enjoyable & made a huge difference in our relationship. Thank you! Permalink
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Collegeville | April 17 2009
Jeri has successfully helped us improve the behavior of our dog. She is patient and easy to work with, and is very knowledgeable about her field of expertise. I would recommend Jeri to any dog owner. Permalink
Bergenfield | April 16 2009
Greg has made such a difference in our lives and the life of our former "problem child," Stella. She is a happier, well-adjusted dog, literally overnight. We can't thank him enough! As the hospital manager at Park Ridge Animal Hospital, I recommend him to all our clients for their training and behavior needs. Permalink
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Tulsa | April 16 2009
I was simply amazed at the progress my dogs made by using this easy-to-understand method. I finally have hope that my dogs will be better behaved around family and friends because of the tools I now have. Thanks so much Permalink
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Enfield | April 16 2009
Very easy! Very Comprehensive and logical! Unbelievably Fast! Within a few minutes! No force, no food or treats. Very enjoyable. Results were immediate. Scot was fantastic! Very personable, knowledgeable and patient. This training was exactly what I was looking for. Permalink
Troy | April 14 2009
Absolutely amazing! It's easy and IT WORKS! Lisa is a very good teacher. I love the fact that I can correct my dog's behavior without the negativity of telling her "bad dog!" Permalink