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Scotia | February 26 2009
Rachel made it fun, and we had some good laughs for all the mistakes we humans make with our dogs. Corkey was calm, sat down, did not jump on us, did not bark. Rachel is an excellent trainer. Natural training has opened our eyes to new ways for our lab mix and they are very simple to get results. Rachel made the training experience fun and enjoyable for all of us. She included our daughter who is handicapped. Your training program is excellent. We all have learned so much from Rachel. Practice makes perfect! Rachel Baum is a terrific trainer! She had our dog under control in a 1/2 hour. Permalink
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Albany | February 26 2009
She was very clear and professional in presenting material. Rachel's examples and demonstration were easy to understand. To our amazement (and that of my dog)! He immediately responded to the growl and praise. He was shocked the first time I growled at him. I am very pleased. Bark Busters is what we have needed. I wish I had known about these techniques years ago. We were never bored for a minute. I already have recommended Bark Busters to someone. Permalink
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Johnstown | February 26 2009
Her explanations and demonstration of techniques made it very clear and easy to understand. Our dogs were very difficult in the many areas of bad behavior and we understand it may take longer than with most other dogs. Rachel explained why our dogs were showing the behavior which helped us understand how important it is for us to use the training every day to and to be consistent. Permalink
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Delmar | February 26 2009
Very surprised how well he responded. Permalink
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Colonie | February 26 2009
It was awesome. I feel like the mystery is gone. I now have a simple technique that really works. Thank you! Permalink
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Canby | February 26 2009
The training techniques were explained clearly and examples were used. By the end of training, Melody was picking up techniques faster and responding very quickly. We like that Bark Busters does not use treats as a reward, rather just love and attention. The experience was interesting and we saw results! Permalink
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Molalla | February 26 2009
Hi Dick - I just wanted to take a moment (while Molly is sleeping - still!) and tell you how much Paul and I enjoyed our training lessons today. We really appreciate your remarkable abilities and professional approach. It was so well structured - yet you have a wonderful way of putting us at ease. (We loved your stories and your sense of humor!) It was good to hear that you feel that Molly is quick to learn -- I take that remark seriously since I feel confident in your knowledge of dogs. I hope she keeps doing well. Thank you for being so patient with us and I can promise you that we will practice, practice and practice some more. Thank you kindly. Permalink
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Park Hills | February 26 2009
I think the methods are appropriate and very effective. Patrick is very knowledgeable trainer. He is well spoken and works well with animals, not only as a trainer but as an obvious animal lover. Permalink
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Harrison | February 26 2009
Patrick is a great teacher, he really knows his stuff! It was awesome to see how quickly the dogs got it. It was easy and fun to do, and we felt comfortable doing it. Our Schwan's man asked if we had gotten rid of our dogs when he delivered. Our dogs behave better than they ever have and seem to be happier with us as leaders. Permalink
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Aurora | February 26 2009
Unbelievable! Very pleased with the natural training techniques and how easy they were to grasp. It was amazing. An enlightening experience. Permalink