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Wilmington | March 12 2010
Quick, noticeable results in coming when called and halting unwanted behaviors such as barking, whimpering, and jumping up! Very impressed with how quickly dogs responded to the training techniques. It is very gratifying to feel we're communicating with the dogs in an effective, productive and non-physical way. Since John's initial visit, we have been excited and telling our friends, colleagues and family about how much we like and believe in the Bark Buster training techniques. The results have been great so far! Permalink
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West Linn | March 12 2010
I was amazed how quickly Chance changed his behavior and began listening and responding to my commands! The techniques are very easy to learn, and they work! I love spending training time with Chance, and I feel we are closer now that he respects me as the pack leader. We will definitely recommend Bark Busters in the future and have already to other people. Thank you. Permalink
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Springfield | March 12 2010
The Bark Busters training really started me thinking about what I wasn't doing with the dogs before. I wish I had received this knowledge years ago. Now I am excited to be training my pets without harshness or having a pocket full of treats to bribe them with. My husband and I are really enjoying the training process with Stan and our dogs. We saw instant results with what he explained. Stan is a wonderful person to work with. We're very pleased with how quickly our dogs are responding and are excited to learn more. I now feel confident with my ability to train any new pet we would get in the future. Permalink
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Jacksonville | March 10 2010
Linda was very thorough. I was noticing results right away. I was pleased with the training and learned to "think dog." Linda was very animated and used excellent examples. I would highly recommend Bark Busters. Thank you. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 10 2010
I felt the techniques learned were practical and useful. Permalink
Oakland Township | March 09 2010
John explained everything in a way that made sense to us. It was enjoyable and interesting. The results were immediate, although I realize we will need to practice. I believe this is a better, quicker, less frustrating way to change your dog's behavior. Permalink
Royal Oak | March 09 2010
Winston is much calmer, and we have a quiet house! Permalink
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Stillwater | March 09 2010
Hunter is a lot easier to control and is a lot calmer. He definitely listens a lot better. Very pleased. Permalink
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Cottage Grove | March 09 2010
After 4 days of working with Bella, we see remarkable changes! Even in areas we weren't specifically working with. This system is terrific. We love the "catch them being good" philosophy. We are both teachers, and this goes right along with our beliefs. Bella is a huge part of this family, and it is so much fun to see her behaving so well! Thank you! Permalink
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Robbinsdale | March 09 2010
Thanks to John's wonderful training techniques, our sweet puppy sits, stays, and heels when we ask her to. We are so happy with the results and are grateful to John for teaching us the strategies that have been successful in training our dog. We recommend Bark Busters to anyone who is struggling with their dog's behavior - it is well worth the investment! Permalink