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Clermont | August 30 2007
Jim made it very easy and simple to learn the techniques. It has been very easy to communicate with Cooper---even without Jim with us. Cooper is now a new dog. He listens and obeys! The training experience was not only interesting but also enjoyable. Jim was great with Cooper and great with us. We really enjoyed working with him. We thought that we would have a lot of struggles with Cooper because he was a rescue but thanks to Jim and Bark Busters he has made wonderful progress and is happy and content. Permalink
Orlando | August 30 2007
We have seen results we didn't think were possible with Cody. He has shown so much improvement since his 1st training. He is beginning to see us as leaders and he is so much calmer and happier overall. Permalink
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East Longmeadow | August 29 2007
Otis and all the dogs are doing great. I think he is happy for the first time in his life! Permalink
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Madison | August 29 2007
Linda did an excellent job with my dog. I definitely will recommend it to my friends and relatives. Permalink
Orlando | August 28 2007
Jim explained the techniques in a way that was easy to follow and to understand. My dog, Brodie, suffers from separation anxiety and while it is hard to improve that condition in one lesson, I have seen positive results in the past few days because of the training. Permalink
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Louisville | August 28 2007
I was able to begin enjoying my puppy instead of being afraid he was going to bite me. I was very happy with the way my puppy began to obey my commands. I was very pleased with Doug and I certainly recommend Bark Busters and knowing I can call them if I ever should need them again. Permalink
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Fitchburg | August 28 2007
The methods were very easy to understand. I couldn't believe it. I didn't think my dog could change. I was very pleased with the techniques, and found it very enjoyable. Permalink
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Holiday | August 28 2007
I was very impressed with the techniques Vito used. There was marked improvement in Bella's behavior. I realize it will take a while but at least it's not as hopeless a situation as we first thought. Permalink
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Louisville | August 27 2007
Doug made it very easy to understand the steps it took to correct the dog correctly! Very pleased and relieved that I didn't have to feed them treats the whole time. I now have perfect dogs! Permalink
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Escondido | August 27 2007
Thank you! This is a really great program and the dogs really respond to the positive reinforcement...loved using praise instead of treats. Permalink