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Naples | November 05 2009
By the end of the very first lesson I saw amazing results! At first I found some of the training techniques kind of strange, but they really work! Permalink
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Hillsboro | November 05 2009
The natural training techniques all make sense especially when I see how Hoku catches on. Hoku is paying attention and responding nicely. He understands what he's supposed to do. I have already recommended Bark Busters to a couple of friends. Permalink
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Portland | November 05 2009
Even when we didn't understand, Dick explained the training techniques in another way for us to understand. I kept a weekly journal, Week 1 - Week 3 and I noticed a difference in my attitude towards Striker. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques! Much better than the negative techniques I saw growing up. I liked that the training wasn't treat controlled which can be expensive. I have recommended Bark Busters to others already! I explain to them that they must do the training daily for results. We have enjoyed the training. Very helpful for us as well as Striker. Dick always answered our phone calls and emails and assured us we were on track and doing well. Permalink
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Collegeville | November 04 2009
Jeri explained the goals of both our dogs in a way that made sense based on dog packs. She was also very patient and really made sure we understood the techniques. Both dogs were knocked out for sure! But most importantly they were listening to us more and responding the way we wanted them to. We're absolutely pleased with the techniques. I didn't want to go with "treat" training because after awhile the dog stops working. It's important to understand dog behavior and become the leader of the pack. I have already recommended Jeri to my neighbors! Permalink
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Chesterfield Twp. | November 02 2009
John was very thorough and spent quality time with us and our dog. We were amazed at the easy techniques and the immediate results. We recommend this type of training because of the results and the lifetime support. Permalink
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New Baltimore | November 02 2009
John works great with all our animals. It was amazing! What a difference in the before and after Bark Busters !! Permalink
Merrimac | November 02 2009
We have two English Bulldogs: Maybull a 9-year-old female, and Quincey, a 2-year-old male. From the beginning, Maybull did not find Quincey as cute as we did. As time went on, we found Quincey showing a strong dislike for her also. We needed some professional help to guide us in what WE were doing wrong. I got in touch with Bark Busters and Greg Reetz came to our rescue. He consulted us and also watched what we did with the dogs. I knew right away that he was going to be our answer to the dog issue. He showed us how to have more confidence in ourselves and the techniques to make ourselves the "pack leaders." He spent several hours watching, teaching, reviewing, and complimenting us on our interaction with our "kids." We feel like we have our life back and can truly enjoy the different personalities of our pets. Greg really helped us find the right road. Thanks Greg! Permalink
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Sunrise | November 01 2009
Dear Robin, It was wonderful meeting and working with you yesterday!! I am thrilled to report that I had a GREAT night sleep. Hershey is doing fabulous!!! I am very excited. He is responding so beautifully to the training. Thank you so much!! I look forward to our next session. Permalink
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Mesa | November 01 2009
Kristyn taught me in one five minute demonstration how to stop my dogs from controlling me with their bark. Now I control them with mine! Truly amazing results, the price of the knowledge was well worth it, and the results were instantaneous!I have been through many different types of dog training with previous dogs but this training had information I had never been exposed to before. I highly recommend it!! Permalink
Mount Kisco | October 31 2009
We learned so many valuable techniques from Mark, and it was a pleasure to have him come to our home. As others have remarked, he is is personable, patient, committed, and enthusiastic about his work. Our labradoodle, Harry, now sits and stays so that we can go up the stairs or out the door without him racing past us, and he walks beautifully on-leash. Those things alone make the program worthwhile. Thank you, Mark, for making our household a happier one! Permalink