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Springfield | September 13 2010
Our Springfield dog trainer was very thorough and used examples we could understand. He was able to leave us with total confidence in the Bark Busters techniques. We enjoyed talking to the trainer and our 3 greyhounds were comfortable around him. We truly believe these training techniques are what all dog-loving people will want and feel like Bark Busters has our back if new problems arise. Permalink
West Bloomfield | September 13 2010
I was amazed! I love it! Permalink
Warren | September 13 2010
The dog was taught so much in such a short time. It was so easy, and there was no yelling. It was like I had a new dog! It really works! Permalink
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Forest Park | September 13 2010
The training was a good fit for our family and pet. The trainer was very thorough, patient and a great listener. The training works. We were very pleased that there was no hitting or slapping-only verbal commands. We learned a great deal of clear information that we can use. All our questions were addressed. Bark Busters is the best! Permalink
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Hillsboro | September 13 2010
The methods recommended really controlled Maggie's barking and other problem behavior. Illustrations of the recommended training exercises help clients remember better. Permalink
Channahon | September 12 2010
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. I really felt prepared to continue training when the trainer/therapist left. I could really see a difference. I knew Bandit (German shepherd) was a good dog, but some of his behavior was making it difficult to deal with such a big dog. I can't wait to take him for his first real walk. It was nice to see training techniques that did not require treats. Bandit really responded quickly. Bandit now responds to me and not because I'm bribing him with treats. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable. It was obvious that our trainer really cared about our dog. It was nice to have a supportive voice to walk us through the techniques so that we could have the best results. We knew we were doing something wrong before John came out, but he left me feeling educated and trained instead of feeling judged. Just after one visit I feel so hopeful because of the results I have already see. I know that with some consistency on our part with the techniques taught to us, Bandit will become an even bigger part of our family. Permalink
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Toms River | September 12 2010
My dog was sensitive, shy...would lay down on the sidewalk every 20 yards and not move...when he did move the sight of a person would make him freeze...bark at any movement within a block outside the house. Nicholas was recommended to me by my vet. I was impressed with his kindness and gentleness with my dog. Nicholas also had a variety of techniques that have dramatically changed my dog. He is 95% improved in all the areas and 100% improved in the walking department (something very important to me). Permalink
Naples | September 11 2010
We were worried that it would be stressful, but it wasn't, except Chance was a little surprised to not be the leader. Even after the first session, we saw improvements. Instead of losing our temper, now we understand how to get the dog to do what we want. It is great to know there is an effective way to train a dog without cruelty. Permalink
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Shorewood | September 10 2010
We found the training to be very interesting and enjoyable. John demonstrated the techniques in a simplistic way, which was great. The training and the trainer was fun and informative. Permalink
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Naples | September 09 2010
It's been 6 months since we had ONE training session with Bark Busters for our two dogs who barked at guests for as long as they were in our home. Since that lesson both of our dogs continue to have acceptable behavior when guests are visiting. That one lesson has vastly improved the quality of our lives. We highly recommend the Bark Busters training services. Permalink