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Clive | February 12 2009
The therapist's explanation of the training techniques was easy to follow and understand. We saw noticeable results by the end of the first lesson. We will recommend Bark Busters because it is effective. Permalink
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Cocoa | February 11 2009
Terry was very informative about techniques. She was also very informative about the psychology behind them. I was surprised by the positive results given the fact that I have a very dominant male dog! I would not have considered the program without the natural training techniques! I recommended Bark Busters training program within an hour of the trainer leaving! I find the literature given is a good reinforcement for the training program. It helps to keep me on track. Permalink
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Satellite Beach | February 11 2009
My neighbors think I have a new dog because when we take a walk, he is calm. We walked by two strangers and he ignored them! Permalink
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Woodburn | February 11 2009
Dick not only explained the training techniques, but he also showed me how. I got lots of results. I was very happy with just two sessions. It's lots of fun, especially having a smart dog. My dog is learning so fast with this method. Permalink
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Salem | February 11 2009
I especially appreciated the 'why' we do things in the context of the dog's behavior. I was impressed that my Spencer responded so quickly and showed signs of a willingness to please. Most importantly, I felt like Dick taught me techniques I could do and follow through with. I have complete confidence in the training. I felt very comfortable with the techniques and have already recommended Dick and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Beaverton | February 11 2009
The training was very easy to understand. The techniques make sense. Lucy is much better behaved. I'm going to recommend Bark Busters to my daughter. Permalink
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Sherwood | February 11 2009
Dick did a very good job explaining the entire concept. Ginger was a better dog after one day of training! Yes! I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Cameron Park | February 10 2009
It was nice to not reward with treats but with love. I also felt the dogs grasped it more readily. I couldn't wait to share what I learned with friends & family, plus show off my dog's well-behaved manners. Permalink
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Naples | February 10 2009
Very interesting, and it really works . . . I wish that more people knew these training methods! Colin and June were very understanding and patient. I liked working with them a lot! Permalink
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Allan Park | February 09 2009
Maril was excellent during her presentation & very down to earth. We saw Lucy become calm & submissive (rather than biting us) before Maril left, and she has stayed that way ever since Maril left. We liked the fact that Maril didn't use treats during the training. It was a very interesting experience. Little did we know that we were the cause of Lucy's bad behaviors. We have already recommended Bark Busters. The training produced results in a very short period of time & was easy and effective. We love the lifetime guarantee that Bark Busters offers. It was a great investment in our family & our dogs quality of life. I wish I knew about Bark Busters a long time ago. Permalink