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Ft. Meade | July 05 2008
Sharon is great! She is very patient on working on problems and doesn't push my dogs to go faster than they are comfortable with. Thank you! Permalink
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Odenton | July 05 2008
Sharon welcomed our questions and is very knowledgeable. My dog, Kayleigh, stopped barking once as soon as Sharon taught me to tell her to in a way that dogs can understand. I was surprised because I used to think she was so stubborn. Now I know that before the Bark Busters training, we just weren't communicating like we can do now. Permalink
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Titusville | July 05 2008
Straight forward -- no nonsense. 100% turnaround in my dog's behavior by the end of the 1st session. Much better than using food as the incentive. I think both my dog and we have had an enjoyable time. Love the book -- especially the case studies. Thrilled with the immediate results and my trainer's follow-up. Permalink
Fort Worth | July 05 2008
I am the proud owner of 2 male dachshunds. To those who have never been around this breed, they are loving, attentive, protective and stubborn.... I went through training elsewhere with my older boy, who is now 2. He failed miserably. They said the stubbornness and dominance were particular to the breed and were very hard to train... I was very frustrated and didn't know what to do after obtaining another little puppy, who is now 1 year old. Fighting became an issue, and the wrestle for power in my home between the 2 boys was becoming worrisome. I finally called Nancy who assured me that she could help. After one visit with her and working with my boys, I have noticed a 75% improvement!!! And the other trainer said it couldn't be done..........I am looking forward to working with Nancy to correct the other behavior problems with my boys..... I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.... Permalink
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Katonah | July 04 2008
Thank you for giving us hope of having a "normal" dog that people want to be around. Permalink
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Croton-on-Hudson | July 04 2008
The Bark Busters technique was comfortable, easy to learn and practice. Thank you for helping my family take control of the situation. Permalink
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Brewster | July 04 2008
We are very pleased with the results and it has made our evenings "bark free." Thank you! Permalink
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St. Louis | July 04 2008
Kathy very patiently answered questions from our three children. Cheyenne was very calm after Kathy left. That night, we were sitting in the backyard and Cheyenne laid quietly even though there were many distractions. No barking! Yeah! ~ The training was very pleasant and it was interesting to see how Cheyenne responded. I have told several of our friends about Bark Busters. My husband is in training with the Air Force and cannot wait to see how well Cheyenne is doing. ~ Thank you, Bark Busters. Permalink
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Staten Island | July 03 2008
I was told by others how good the company was and how much progress their dog made. I hope to say the same and from what I saw just in the first visit, it will make a big difference. Permalink
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San Diego | July 03 2008
My puppy Jasper was a complete "crazy dog" when he would see other dogs because he was SO excited and wanted to play (he would bark and howl uncontrollably). By the end of the second lesson, we were able to get him completely under control and to a civilized point with other dogs. Thank you, Justin!! Permalink