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Brant Rock | August 12 2009
We were looking for a way to use our voice to train the dogs and that's definitely what we got. Overall, we are incredibly pleased with how Bark Busters has helped us! Permalink
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St. Louis | August 12 2009
The training was excellent. I am going to recommend this training to my friends and neighbors. Thank you. Permalink
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Debary | August 11 2009
I started training my 4 dogs with Mike a few years ago, it wasn't easy. I had aggression problems, potty issues, marking, separation anxiety, boundary control, you name it. After a few sessions I started to see a huge improvement in my dogs. Now my dogs can co-exist in the house, no fighting, no marking, and they are very happy pups. His techniques even helped me with issues with my cats. I had tried 3 different dog trainers before and nothing could be done for my dogs. Mike is very professional and extremely knowledgeable and helped us not only train, but communicate with my dogs in a way they can understand. I am very happy with the results and would definitely recommend this to any one that has a dog. Trust me, it will make your life easy and very happy :) Thanks Mike!!! Permalink
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Denver | August 10 2009
Robin is an excellent trainer. She helped us to understand how to train our dog, Ellie, in a way that she needed to be trained. Permalink
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Damascus | August 10 2009
Dick was incredibly patient and clear with his instructions. I really liked that he let US train our dogs! We couldn't believe how calm our home seemed, even a week after our training. The front door exercise was nothing short of miraculous!--Dick was extremely personable - yet to the point and respectful of our time. He inspired me to maybe be a Bark Buster someday! I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters - 100% without question! The investment was worth every penny...we have two new, balanced, well-behaved dogs! Dick was amazing! We look forward to our future encounters with him. Permalink
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Portland | August 10 2009
"Lightning" is doing so well. He's no longer jumping up on me, which is what I really wanted. He is doing very well with the training. Permalink
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Wauwatosa | August 10 2009
Nikki was very thorough. Our dog responded to the training techniques very quickly. Our dog seems happier and more relaxed after her training. The training techniques Nikki taught us have been very effective and are easy to implement on our own, and our dog is improving every day. Permalink
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Coal City | August 10 2009
I was able to use the techniques right away. I was amazed at the results we achieved after the first session and was pleased with Bark Busters natural techniques. The collar is great and easy on both of us. I enjoyed the training experience because Bandit (German Shepherd) enjoyed it. I have already recommended Bark Busters to someone I know. John made me realize that there is hope for Bandit. Permalink
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San Diego | August 10 2009
To say that Justin is good with dogs is definitely an understatement. He is wonderful with both dogs AND people. His training methodology and delivery is very effective and fun. When working on multiple issues with both of my dogs, Justin was patient when explaining what I needed to do. Then, he demonstrated what needed to be done (and made it look very easy), and finally he had me practice the techniques so he could provide feedback and suggestions on the spot.--I have been to group dog training classes, and they are nowhere near as good as Justin's individualized training. I'm so glad that he was able to help my family, and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with their dogs. Thank you, Justin! Permalink
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Phoenixville | August 10 2009
Jeri is very easy going and gave great tips. Bimmer was definitely better after the first lesson. I like the idea of no treats and using affection. I learned a lot about dog behavior and where it stems from. I have already recommended Jeri and Bark Busters! Permalink