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Tucson | January 05 2012
I want to thank Gerard and Bark Busters for the excellent training and program that has helped me and my dog, Honey. My (adorable shelter) dog had grown very possessive and fearful of other people and dogs causing both her and me stress anytime we ventured out into the public. After our first session and with diligent homework practices, I noticed results within a week. Gerard also worked with our leash walking techniques (walking my dog is a joy again, not a constant battle of wills) and helping us with our first dog park visit. Both my dog and myself are more relaxed in public and at home and I attribute that to the gentle yet authoritative "pack" leader training that Bark Busters is known for. Gerard was worth every penny and I look forward to my continuing training with my dog and to see how much we can learn and grow together. I am comforted in knowing that I can call, e-mail or meet with Gerard for any additional training or questions that may arise in the future. I highly recommend Gerard and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | January 04 2012
Patrick was very knowledgeable. The training methods and exercises were highly effective. Thank you Patrick and thank you Bark Busters! Permalink
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Plymouth | January 04 2012
It is very helpful to understand how dogs perceive things differently than people. It helps explain a lot of their actions. This knowledge is very useful when training your dog to behave correctly. Permalink
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Northville | January 04 2012
Excellent scores in every category. I recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
Detroit | January 04 2012
Maril went out of her way to make it easy for me. I recommend Bark Busters training, it was very helpful. Permalink
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Naples | January 04 2012
We were glad that the natural training did not include harsh treatment. Colin and June were great - and their training was enjoyable. We would recommend Bark Busters to anyone with a dog that needed better control. Permalink
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Staten Island | January 04 2012
Fred was a very explicit and proficient trainer. He made everything easy to understand and we saw results right from the start! We were very pleased with the Bark Busters training methods. We were very pleased with Fred and the training methods. Fred was fantastic and has so much integrity. he gave us a very inspiring experience with our dog Willie. Permalink
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Marco Island | January 04 2012
The training experience was absolutely interesting and enjoyable - we have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors. Great Program! Permalink
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Estero | January 04 2012
Patrick explained why we need to think like a dog. Everything made sense because of the issues we had with Blondie, our very nervous Golden Retriever. The lesson was a miracle and continues to be one. When we are ready to walk, she is ready for action. She is no longer afraid of loud noises, cars, trucks, etc... We flunked the Naples Humane Society's dog school. The Humane Society uses "treats" and Blondie is not motivated by food, so they kicked us out with no other advice. Thanks to Bark Busters, Bill and I are trained. I used to be pulled like a kite behind Blondie on our walks, now she is by my side and we enjoy our walks. The whole lesson was very enjoyable. While we are walking, people stop and cannot believe how trained Blondie is. They wish their dogs would walk like her. This was after our second practice session! Our friends used another training service that came out to the house 5 times. Their dog knows the commands, but still will not listen to them. Thank you so very much. We can finally enjoy our dog! Permalink
Fruitland Park | January 04 2012
We were at our wit's end and close to taking our puppy (1 year Maltese-Chihuahua) to the SPCA when I called our vet to get a recommendation for a dog trainer. Mocha had developed a very aggressive (viscious) behavior towards us. Other trainers, groomers and dog owners had all kinds of suggestion but none of them worked. Thanks to our trainer, Ann, we have learned how to deal with his temper tantrums. He may always have his tantrums but we can deal with them more effectively now. Mocha now follows commands better and the tantrums are less aggressive besides being fewer and further between. We implement the training in our daily lives and will continue the training so that Mocha does not regress to his previous behavior. Thank you, Ann, for training us and our puppy. Would definitely recommend Ann and Bark Busters to anyone who has a problem with their dog. Permalink