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Port Richey, FL | September 15 2006
We noticed a big difference in Max after the first two-hour session. We are very pleased. Permalink
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Tarpon Springs, LF | September 15 2006
The trainer was very professional and clearly love what they do. We are happy with the results and have recommended him already. Great Job ! Permalink
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Indian Rocks Beach, FL | September 15 2006
Rocked is a changed dog. He is so much happier. Thank You Permalink
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Bellair Beach, LF | September 15 2006
The trainer was very friendly and easy to work with. Even on the first day we noticed a difference in both our dogs. Thanks. Permalink
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Largo, FL | September 15 2006
We have tried so many things to handle Vegas' aggression towards visitors and are so happy that something finally works. It is such a great training method and we truly appreciate Vito's help. He was great to work with. Permalink
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Tarpon Springs, FL | September 15 2006
Bark Busters literally gave us our life back! As we loved our new puppy so much, Bagel had an easy time training us and he dominated our every waking minute wih his never ceasing demads for attention, petting and play time. Then would play bite and jump when he didn't receive enough. After only 1 training session, and 1 week of using the Bark Buster techniques, we now look at our dog and ask, "Who are you and what did you do with Bagel (our Beagle puppy)?" Thank you! Permalink
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Senoia, GA | September 15 2006
I was nervous at first because it seemed like so much to learn, but Barry broke down each step for us and made it easier for us to understand. With two dogs, one participated more willingly in the training session than the other. We were impressed how quickly they learned, especially Lexie. Within ten minutes, Barry had her barking under control. We found the Bark Buster techniques easy and effective. By the end of the first session, our dogs understood our tones and commands. Even though we were training our dogs, it was fun and relaxed. We never felt frustrated or stressed at our dogs! This method produced our desired results! I think that if people realized the simplicity of controlling dogs, less dogs would be shuffled from home to home or euthanized. We are thankful we found Bark Busters when we did. In just 10 minutes our dogs were under control! We were able to have a conversation with our guest, which is something we've never been able to do! Permalink
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East Hartford, CT | September 14 2006
We are very pleased with Jane. Derek, our shepard, is making progress. We know it is going to take time, but we know he will come around. Permalink
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Portland, CT | September 14 2006
Bark Busters changed the way I deal with my dog. They make the training easy. Excellent results. Permalink
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Middletown, CT | September 14 2006
Fast results. Very pleased with Bark Busters. Permalink