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Brunswick | May 04 2007
Just a little note of great Thanks & praise to Kathy & Betsy, our wonderful therapists! Having a household of 11 dogs can be quite a hassle at times. We love all our rescues but we still want people to come visit us, not be afraid of our hairy children. A leaf falls in the yard and the dog goes crazy barking . . . until therapy began. My husband and I can not believe the difference the training has made. Already the barking has decreased greatly. The kids can have friends over and their ankles are safe from Clifford wanting to eat them. Tripper (my most spoiled possession) seems more relaxed and enjoys company now that she doesn't have to bark at them. Instead of hiding and growling, Luigi actually ran up & frantically licked our last visitor!! My dad can walk thru my yard a little easier now and at meal time there is hardly a peep. Feeding 11 dogs while they were all barking got some what nerve racking, now we laugh at how quiet it is. We are amazed at our household now and love it even more, if that is possible. Everyone should have this training, for one dog or for a pack of dogs. We are so very pleased. Betsy and Kathy are both extremely wonderful people that I am so glad to have befriended. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Permalink
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St. Louis | May 04 2007
I like the idea of training in the home. I was comfortable with Kathy from the beginning. I was aware of Bark Busters from a newspaper article and after seeing it, I knew I needed to make an appointment with Kathy. Permalink
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St. Louis | May 04 2007
Our session was informational, enjoyable and immediate results were accomplished. I am recommending Kathy and the Bark Busters program to everyone. Thanks for your help. Permalink
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San Diego | May 04 2007
My Lab Mandy was barking so much my neighbor was very unhappy. After Jan was here, it has changed dramatically. My neighbor even brought some cookies over as a thank you for the peace and quiet! Permalink
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Vista | May 04 2007
Sitka, my young Malamute, was very strong-willed, stubborn, harsh and aggressive with submissive dogs before we hired Jan to help us. After training, Sitka responds to my commands of Leave It, Sit, Come, Wait, Stay, etc. very consistently. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | May 03 2007
Amazing! Problem of dogs barking at front door eliminated! It works, it's humane. Permalink
Lake Orion | May 03 2007
The instant response from Sara was wonderful. I recommend you to all of my clients who have problem behaviors. Your system works and is agreeable to humans and canines alike. Permalink
West Bloomfield | May 03 2007
By the end of our session, John taught me how to have all three dogs under control. By the time my family came home, they didn't recognize our dogs! It was been an enjoyable training experience for me and my dogs. What a pleasure! Permalink
Farmington Hills | May 03 2007
I have recommended Bark Busters to a number of friends & VCA clients. Outstanding philosophy & results! The therapist, Lisa, was so personable, knowledgeable and delightful. Principles & techniques were easily adaptable. What a company! Thank you! Permalink
West Bloomfield | May 03 2007
Can't say enough about the training techniques. Every family should use your program. Permalink