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Seattle | June 16 2009
David took his time explaining thoroughly each element of the training framework. My dog showed signs of attention immediately, which was surprising! It's so nice to communicate to the dog in a way that he naturally understands, instead of treating him like a human. I think the techniques are fascinating. Permalink
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Brecksville | June 16 2009
Adopting Millie turned our empty nest into a tumultuous environment, but we made a commitment to her and knew how sweet she could be. Kathy and Betsy came in to teach us Millie's fears and how we could easily, with practice and understanding the dog mentality, calm her fears. We now live with a different animal: calm, attentive and obedient. Thank you, thank you. An investment well worth it!!! Permalink
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Diane H North Barrington, Illinois | June 16 2009
This is a great way to train! Permalink
West Chester | June 15 2009
We were starting from scratch and Alan and Karen were very patient and took the time to explain every detail. Emma seemed much more relaxed after the first session! She even allowed the trainers to pet her. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques. We especially like that it isn't physical or scary for the dog. We found the training experience very interesting and enjoyable. We are very eager to learn and practice with Emma. We were sad to see the trainers leave. It was a very positive experience! We now have hope that Emma will become less anxious and aggressive. We really had fun with the training and look forward to seeing lasting results! Permalink
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Noth Fort Myers | June 14 2009
Patrick is knowledgeable, intelligent, personable and professional. An asset to Bark Busters Home Dog Training. Permalink
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Burlington Township | June 14 2009
The training techniques taught by Kurt worked very well. Maxwell is like a totally different dog. Kurt did an excellent job. Permalink
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Clive | June 13 2009
We are very happy with picking Bark Busters to train what was an "F" dog (according to the online behavior quiz)! We observed noticeable results by the end of the first training session - Wrigley was more attentive. We almost went to a training class but are so happy we picked this program in our home and neighborhood so Deb could see Wrigley in action! We appreciated the background information on the inherent nature of dogs. It helped us identify why Wrigley may be acting a certain way. The training was enjoyable - Deb was very patient in explaining and showing us what we were doing right and what we could be doing better. We will recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Westchester | June 12 2009
Connie is a patient leader of the pack and I hope I can lead my dog Teddy like that someday. I'm not patient, but Connie is making the training of Teddy a lot easier for me. She is one strong person in convincing me that I can achieve the goal of stopping Teddy from barking at people that enter my house; and believe me that can be all day long!!!--We love you Connie, and please keep me on the right path!! Permalink
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Alameda | June 12 2009
I was shocked by the excellent, noticeable results by the end of our training! Permalink
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Fort Myers | June 12 2009
Amazing results! Permalink