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Southfield | August 18 2009
Each behavior was broken down into something so simple and obvious. The natural techniques are nice because I do not believe in hitting my dog or shock collars. I enjoyed the training and it is interesting to hear how everyone of my actions affects my dog. I would recommend Bark Busters. Milo is a stubborn dog and the techniques helped him a lot, so I know other other people's dogs can definitely benefit. Permalink
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Fort Myers | August 18 2009
Patrick covered all techniques in a way that was easy for us. We started with no experience of owning puppies and now have two. We needed to start at ground zero and Patrick was very patient and knowledgeable. Patrick showed and taught us so much about our relationship with each other and the puppies. The basic things we should have been able to teach the puppies but perhaps neither of us knew how to properly train them. He helped a great deal the first day with the puppies, but mostly with my husband and myself. Patrick explained the techniques being used and why Bark Busters uses those techniques. He put into perspective for us that they are dogs and how dogs live. When Patrick explained the whole pack dynamic I believe I was able to better understand the Bark Buster techniques and see how they really work. As a result, I did not get frustrated with my puppies as I know they are looking for leadership from myself and my husband. The lesson was interesting and enjoyable. Because I've never had dogs, let alone two puppies from the same litter. I am committed to having two well behaved dogs and have already seen results in one day. I already have recommended Bark Busters and Patrick because of the good job he has done with us and our dogs. My husband and I interviewed 4 different dog training companies. Not only did we appreciate the way Patrick was with our two puppies but with his honesty about us and our training skill. One company actually told my husband and I we should never have gotten 2 female litter pups because they would be too hard to train. When we met and told Patrick, he laughed at what the other company said which was a big relief to us. So far we are pleased with what Bark Busters and Patrick have done and will continue to do for us and our pack. Permalink
Royal Oak | August 18 2009
John was great with us and with Perry. My yappy dog was silent by the end of the session!! Permalink
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Boynton Beach | August 18 2009
Susan is an excellent trainer, especially for me with my dog! She helped me feel comfortable as she taught me to learn so that I could help my dog as much as possible with his challenges (after he was neutered at age 8). It has been so rewarding to see the changes in him...which I do believe happened mainly because of the changes in me. My dog Bebito is always so happy to see Susan whenever we run into her in the neighborhood. I recommend Bark Busters and Susan McNichol to anyone who asks because it's money well spent. Permalink
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Dawn O South Barrington, Illinois | August 18 2009
Amazed with the results! Permalink
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West Point, NY | August 17 2009
There was a change in my dog's behavior immediately. I really learned a lot on how to train my dog. Permalink
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Mims | August 17 2009
Terry takes her time in explaining things in which I do appreciate. Oh my gosh! I was shocked in the things I could get my dog to do. I had a blast! I learned so much and would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Thomasville | August 17 2009
Leigh Ann made it seem so simple. My puppy is young and headstrong. I've never seen this type of training and it is amazing how Angel picks up on it. The training experience was very interesting and enjoyable. Angel is very hyper and determined to have her own way, but is showing definite improvement. The last few days she barks when she needs to go potty and is much more loving and obedient. Permalink
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Oakland | August 17 2009
Gail was great, explanations were careful and she always made sure we were both following. Results were noticeable at the end of the training. We were both tired but the techniques and behavior explanations worked right away. During the training I learned a lot about Ace and found much more insightful ways to effectively communicate with him. I would recommend both Gail and Bark Busters, as it worked! I am very happy! Permalink
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Orlando | August 17 2009
Absolutely AMAZING! Permalink