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Seattle | November 03 2011
We were surprised and VERY pleased with the results. David first told us about the technique, demonstrated it, then coached us as we each tried it - a great approach. Lucy was definitely paying attention to the changes in OUR behavior - and was responding postively. We were tired too, clearly a sign we learned. We are already spreading the word! Permalink
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Allentown | November 02 2011
Bark Busters trainer Donald Cohen has been wonderful with our dogs, Winston and Sadie. Donald has been very patient and thorough in explaining each exercise and dog behavior issues with us. The training is very natural and we can really see the training work with our dogs. All of the material Donald has given us is very helpful and informative. Permalink
St. Augustine Beach | November 02 2011
This program definitely works. We now have a whole new dog that we can now enjoy! Permalink
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Flagler Beach | November 01 2011
Damon and I just wanted to thank you for your help yesterday. Sadie is a dream. We knew it was us but not sure how to go about changing. My daughter in NC will be calling her local Bark Busters and I've recommended you to a number of people here in the RV park. Thanks again Permalink
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Mequon | October 31 2011
Nikki thoroughly explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We were pleased with the dog's behavior when we were answering the door, which was an issue before. Bark Busters is much better than the "treat" reward system we were using. We liked her relaxed, positive manner of training and interaction. Permalink
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Sussex | October 31 2011
Really enjoyed working with Nikki, can't wait until our next lesson. I was amazed at how responsive all 4 dogs were to what she was teaching us. Very pleased! We have done the physical training and the treat training and didn't like either one. Nikki is great, easy to understand, patient with our questions and never seemed rushed. I have already referred a friend in Texas. Permalink
Clarkston | October 31 2011
These techniques REALLY WORK! The non-physical approach is wonderful and I believe much more effective. It was amazing how quickly he picked up the training [and] we noticed a change right away! Our dog has become MUCH CALMER to walk and much MORE PLEASANT TO BE AROUND. We were concerned we were going to have to get rid of the dog because of his behavior but now we can keep him without worry that he will destroy our house. Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | October 31 2011
Bear RESPONDED EXTREMELY WELL to the techniques taught! I've had a great time continuing with Bear's training and had a lot of fun with Lisa as well. She was extremely thorough making sure I was following and comprehending everything. I was recommended to you by a friend and was extremely pleased...I would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND you to others (already have.) Permalink
Royal Oak | October 31 2011
It's training that MAKES SENSE and you see RESULTS ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY. We've been struggling for years with our dog's behaviors. We know our dog is a sweet, loving and intelligent dog, but just didn't have the tools to allow us to properly correct her behavior. Lisa explained things so they were easy to understand and answering all questions and addressing all concerns. Even right after Lisa left we noticed a much happier dog and doggie parents! It's easy to follow through and you can tell the dog understands it and it sticks! Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | October 31 2011
It was AMAZING the results we were getting with Lucy's barking after just one session! Permalink