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Orlando, FL | March 24 2007
I could see immediate results with my dogs. I will recommend. Permalink
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Mount Horeb, WI | March 22 2007
Linda Conrad concentrated on our particular problems and explained the procedures in excellent fashion. It was clear that the method was going to be effective immediately. It was very interesting, a little tiring for 2 elderly people, but it is an excellent system and it works! Obviously, we are very impressed with how rapidly our dog Charlie relinquished his role as pack leader. Permalink
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Fayetteville, GA | March 21 2007
I would recommend Bark Busters to everyone because of the proven techniques and great support! Jessica and Barry have been very responsive to our calls and questions. With their help we are confident that Taz's issues will be resolved and she will be a GREAT pet! We greatly appreciate Jessica's patience and willingness to help by telephone even before our first session and we had a written agreement. Permalink
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Peachtree City, GA | March 21 2007
Demonstrating the training techniques made it very easy to follow, understand, and very helpful - especially to me! We were most pleased that we decreased the charging and barking at the front door on the first session. As a former special education teacher, I was very pleased with the natural method of teaching and the positve praise. Bark Buster's methods are the most effective way of teaching need skills or in this case, decreasing inappropriate behaviors. Being pro-active not reactive, catch them as they are thinking about the act. Barry made the training most enjoyable. One always learns and retains when it is fun. On Day 1 of our training, we met a man with 2 dogs that were out of control and I commented that we were working hard in training our 2 dogs. He commented how well they were following commands and wanted to know how we did it. I told him Bark Busters and he said the he would and had to give them a call! Permalink
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Boston, MA | March 20 2007
Jason was awesome. We were afraid we were going to have to give Molson away, due to his aggression towards our baby. Jason "fixed" him. We are all thrilled!! Permalink
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Madison, WI | March 20 2007
The training is effective, the results almost immediate. After 2 days of training, Tess has stopped the barking. She is also coming when called! Permalink
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Spring, TX | March 19 2007
This system really works, and you will see immediate results. John and Lexie did a fantastic job with Duke (our sheltie). He's like a new dog, and the whole family is happier! Permalink
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Dallas | March 19 2007
Our dog was walking by us on a leash at the end, instead of pulling us along. I have told anyone that comments about needing training. Permalink
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Verona, WI | March 17 2007
Mac made great improvements throughout the training session. It is fairly easy to implement, and I had many "Aha" moments. If they can help Mac, they can help any dog. I really didn't know what to expect, but we really needed help with Mac. I'm glad I made the call because I think we'll enjoy Mac much more now. Permalink
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Middleton, WI | March 16 2007
Linda did an excellent job of explaining the Bark Busters philosophy and made applications easy by linking new concepts to those we were already familiar with. By the conclusion of the first session, our issues of nuisance barking and obsessive, dominant behavior were significantly minimized. I've been put off by the politics of other trainers and methods, but the BB approach is excellent because it uses subtle, non-physical correction without treats or other lures. Linda could not have been more pleasant to work with! Her friendly, non-judgmental support educated us and helped us to realize and begin conquering our shortcomings. When we brought home our German Shepherd dog, we had an image of a balanced, mannerly, and "complete" dog, but we didn't know how to get these results. With Linda's help, we are well on our way! We have all seen marvelous dogs and thought "Wow, how great to have a companion like that!" Calling Bark Busters, using their guidelines, and doing the homework will take dog owners from wishing--to real results! Permalink