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Madison | June 28 2007
Very enjoyable- Linda is a really nice person. Excellent results and a great therapist. Linda is great to work with! We would high recommend this training- immediate results were amazing. Permalink
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Verona | June 28 2007
Techniques were explained in such easy terms it is easy for me to focus on what is important. I am totally amazed at how quickly & easily Tuck responded! Other training styles & techniques were inconsistent in effect & didn't feel natural. I feel good about using Bark Busters techniques. I feel like I am doing something good for my dog. Linda is a natural trainer. She didn't make me feel bad for letting my dog train me :-) She was constructive and helpful with suggestions for training and food for our dog! I will recommend Bark Busters to EVERYONE! It is logical, simple & not physical & IT WORKS! Linda was wonderful to work with. I can't thank you enough. I truly believe there are no "bad" dogs, just "bad" owners. I wanted a well behaved dog & now with Bark Busters help & my consistency, I know I will have one! Thanks SO much, Linda! I couldn't wait to call my husband after you left & tell him how great Tuck did & how easy it was! Yahoo! Permalink
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Loudonville | June 27 2007
Adults and teenagers understood and could follow the techniques. Well presented! Permalink
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Reno | June 26 2007
Katherine was friendly and patient. The techniques were very effective; Chance changed his entire behavior quickly! Permalink
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Clearwater | June 26 2007
Tigger's happy and so are his parents! Tigger has manners! It's a miracle! Can't thank Vito enough! Permalink
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Hanover | June 25 2007
Marsha Engel has been fantastic to work with! Amazing stuff.....turns out that I (pet owner) not the dogs, needed most of the training! Permalink
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Laurel | June 25 2007
I'm so impressed with the obvious instantaneous results! Permalink
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New Port Richey | June 24 2007
It was really great. I noticed a big difference after the first session. He continues to improve as we keep using the techniques that were taught to us. Thanks again. Maybe now I can stop calling him demon puppy. Permalink
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Plymouth | June 23 2007
The dogs (we have 2) were recalling much better (especially my older one). The coming out to the house, and the fact that you can call any time and request another revisit -- that's why I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Fort Myers | June 23 2007
Wow! Bobby is a new dog and after only one day! He is a 7 month old Cavalier King Charles spaniel that is being trained as a Medic Alert Dog for our 7-year-old son. Bobby had two trainers before Patrick came to our home. We didn't use choke collars or other painful methods. Bobby always walked us and he would run out of the door of our house when it was left open by one of our three children. We are now in control; Bobby follows us when we walk him, he does not run out of the door, he sits, stays and does everything he is asked to. I know Patrick explained how this worked but until you have seen it you just can't believe it!!! And knowing Patrick is there if I get stuck on more advanced training is terrific!! Thank you Thank you Thank you, Patrick and Bark Busters!! Permalink