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July 18 2006
It was very easy to understand. Glenda does a great job of presenting the information. I saw a major improvement well before the session was over. It was much better than having to have plenty of treats or using lots of words they don't understand. If Glenda can help my Snowflake she can help any dog....Read More

N. Potomac, MD

July 18 2006
Glenda was an excellent and patient trainer...changed our everday lives!...Read More

Gaithersburg, MD

July 18 2006
Glenda did an excellent job of explaining the techniques and why Bark Busters uses them. I was very impressed by the improvement after just one session. It is a kinder way to train your puppy....Read More

Rockville, MD

July 18 2006
The method is easy to use and we saw immediate results. The practices are easy to do. We have a rescued dog that we have had for 6 years. I have not been able to bond with her due to her aggressive nature and barking. She had been in a training class where she earned her "certificate." After that she had been to a vet behaviorist for evaluation and medication. This did not cure her of the barking and aggression. With Glenda and the Bark Busters sessions we have seen a change in the dog's behavior as we her owners have become trained in methods to effectively deal with these problems. Not only are we pleased with the results we have observed in our dog's behavior but the dog seems calmer and more peaceful. This was an investment well worth making....Read More

Hyattsville, MD

July 11 2006
My husband was quite skeptical at first of the training methods used by Bark Busters, but after Anne was at our house for just 5 minutes, he was a believer. It was truly amazing how quickly our dogs were listening and calmly sitting at our sides. We are now on our way to having two well behaved family members and we owe it all to Anne and Bark Busters. We have been telling everyone we know about how wonderful and effective Bark Busters is. Thank you, Anne!...Read More

Balitmore, MD

July 07 2006
I have had dogs for many years, and this is without a doubt the best training method and experience I've had and definitely the most effective. I was honestly amazed by the significant behavioral change that I saw in my dogs, especially one who had been resistant to training previously....Read More

Washington, DC

July 05 2006
WOW !! Once the premise was explained it was like a light bulb was truned on. All of it made complete sense !! This was awesome ! Seeing the envy in the eyes if people being pulled by their dogs is pretty neat too....Read More

Houston, TX

July 05 2006
I was amazed! Bark Busters was our last resort before snipping our oldest schnauzer's vocal cords. Bob and Jeanne patiently answered our questions and helped us to understand the personalities of our three dogs. Quite unbelievable, three days into training and our dogs are 90% quieter and easily controlled....Read More

Kingwood, TX

July 05 2006
It was very effective, without any abuse. Definitely saw immediate results. Bark Busters is the way to go....Read More

Katy, TX

July 05 2006
Holy Moley !!! I did not expect to see such a change in one visit !! Great !! After seeing results w/ my dog, who was having issues, others will certainly benefit !...Read More

Spring, TX