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Bala Cynwyd | March 18 2009
Bella was impossible to control. She was clawing my husband for attention, leaving deep scratches on his arms. The dog doesn't do that any more. We're all a lot happier now. Permalink
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Livonia | March 18 2009
The techniques were easy for our dog to understand as well as for her people so the results were immediate. We understand that what we learned is not a quick fix & needs to be ongoing - but the ideas are easy enough to remember and do consistently. Anyone who doesn't "understand" probably needs a course in basic English comprehension. :-) ~ It was interesting because the reasons for doing things made us think about how dogs process their life in ways we had not thought about. We would absolutely recommend Bark Busters - everyone's dog should be trained and after listening to a trainer at a local pet supplies store telling a dog to "shut up" we knew we had to find another option. Maril was great & very patient with us. Permalink
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St. Clair Shores | March 18 2009
Delilah is not as bright as she could be but there was a huge change for the better after just one visit. Everything made sense to us and while Bob was here she behaved very well. Delilah is learning but we at times forget and aren't as consistent as we should be. I've already told several people as well as the vets' office about the program. It all makes sense and we were very happy that we decided to use Bark Busters. Permalink
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Las Vegas | March 17 2009
She took her time to explain everything, even going back when one of our party was late. The biggest problem we had was Callaway's running to the door and barking whenever the doorbell rang. In one training lesson (2.5 hours) he was done! Even though I have a hard time remembering to growl instead of saying "no," Callaway responds when he sees the training aids. The training was very enjoyable - we had a good time watching Callaway's responses and I have already recommended Christine. I hope the use her! Permalink
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Henderson | March 17 2009
Before I hired Christine to train Clifford (our golden) and Max (our Newfoundland/Lab puppy) I investigated thoroughly and would not have used a trainer who used a shock collar or relied on food rewards. Christine is both personable and professional and she knew just how much detail to provide. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters and Christine to friends and neighbors. Permalink
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New Rochelle | March 16 2009
I believe it will be the best money I ever invested. Permalink
Troy | March 16 2009
Molly is like a new dog! Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | March 16 2009
John did a great job explaining and coaching. In one week's time, we are enjoying Otis so much more! HE is happier, too! Permalink
Bloomfield Hills | March 16 2009
Totally fascinating!! Lisa helped me see that training can be fun both dog and owner. The technique is flawless, whether for a general regimen or a specific problem. ~ Sometimes dog trainers and breeders lack good interpersonal skills -- more comfortable with animals than humans --- but Lisa is a warm, engaging individual who established great rapport easily, both with my wonderful puppy and me. Beeker does not let strangers pick him up, but by the end of the session, he sat in her lap! Permalink
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Marco Island | March 16 2009
Excellent on all counts. Our neighbors were very impressed with our "new" dog. She seems more passive and subdued in the condo too. Permalink