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June 15 2006
Jack, our 7-mo-old German Shepherd, had trained us to fulfill his every want!! In the 6 weeks we had him prior to our training session, he was basically running our home! It is so amazing how much more we enjoy eachothers company and how much calmer he is!! He is more relaxed since he has realized that we are in charge! Thank you!!...Read More

Rockville, MD

June 08 2006
We were "blown away" by the quick results! We were amazed that Leia was making changes in a few hours :) Our dog is becoming a better dog each and every day since the training as we continue to work with her. Jeff & Cathy were excellent and we're so happy that we did the Bark Busters training...Read More

Tampa, FL

June 08 2006
Zoe is really responding well. Very effective methods and the lifetime guarantee is awesome!...Read More

Tampa, FL

June 07 2006
Barry is very friendly and patient. The dogs respond to him well and his instruction has made our training process very painless. We have 5 dogs that we could not have in the same space. After training, we are all a "happy family" Thank you! Kudos!...Read More

Locust Grove, GA

June 07 2006
We were very happy with the thorough presentation and behavioral lessens given. Our dog Samuel responded quickly to Barry's technique. Working with the whole family has been an added plus! Highly recommended! Thank you, Don, Judy, Haylie, Sarah, and yes, Samuel....Read More

McDonough, GA

June 07 2006
Barry was Awesome! Our dog responded immediately to him. He explained everything very well and continues to be very supportive during subsequent training. Our home is so much calmer now that we have a puppy who behaves!...Read More

Fayetteville, GA

June 07 2006
Jessica explained everything so well that even my ten year old son found the techniques interesting and understands how to follow-up with the training. We saw results immediately! The Bark Buster training seemed very natural and "made good sense". The total experience has been very enjoyable! I have already made recommendations to co-workers and nieghbors! THANKS A BUNCH!!...Read More

Peachtree City, GA

May 30 2006
I was leery at first. Then Mr. Frecker changed our life through our dog! We highly recommend Bark Busters for your dogs well being. We are very pleased, and now will not be evicted from our quiet downtown community. Tthank you, Mr. Frecker!...Read More

Columbus, OH

May 26 2006
Our 9-year-old dog, Kaleb, exhibited aggressive behavior for almost as long as he's been a part of the family. We didn't know why, we just thought it was a part of his personality and we all lived this way for many years very uncomfortably....Read More

Macomb, MI

May 22 2006
One week later, Bailey's behavior is markedly improved. She no long defends her backyard and is a joy to walk around the neighborhood....Read More

Grand Ledge, MI