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Aurora | June 11 2008
We were ready to put our dog down because of his aggression. Dick gave us great ideas and confidence to keep our "George." When Dick came out and worked with my husband and me, it was like a new beginning for us. We can't say enough great things about the program. As well, Dick is one of the best instructors we have worked with. Thank you. Permalink
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Grand Rapids | June 11 2008
Ernie continues to make progress daily. He was at the groomer's last week and even his groomer remarked on his improved behavior. He now comes to us when we call him -- a major accomplishment. But, by far, the most astonishing thing is that I can pick him up without him biting me. We are extremely happy with your work and Ernie's progress, words cannot express it. Permalink
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Valrico | June 10 2008
The whole experience was enjoyable and fun. Permalink
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Gibsonton | June 10 2008
Joanne is an excellent and supportive coach. I am thankful for her lead-by-example and reinforcement approaches. We experienced noticeable improvement the 1st day and continue to see progress. The corrective command, voice inflection, and body language rules are extremely effective both with our puppy and older dog. I especially appreciate the corresponding tools to keep us on track. Your program obviously has the safety, happiness and balance of dogs at heart. While we were pleased with the training techniques we learned elsewhere, your program has provided a deeper understanding of our role and new ways to effectively support our furry family. Permalink
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Brandon | June 10 2008
Thinking like a dog instead of thinking of a dog as human is probably the hardest portion to get past, but it works! I was impressed with the results in just a few repetitions. An excellent training concept. The "come back" portion is very good if you need further training at any stage of the dog's life. Permalink
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Riverview | June 10 2008
The training techniques were explained very well and were very easy to understand. We noticed unbelievable results right away. I'm just still in shock how well he responded. Permalink
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Bear | June 10 2008
The program is very good. We had no problems with potty training even though our dog was paper trained. Overall very pleased with the results so far! Permalink
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Wilmington | June 10 2008
John made the training techniques very easy to understand. There was a noticeable result by the end of the training that has only gotten better with each day. They worked better and faster than two other training methods we went through with other trainers! Permalink
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Caledonia | June 10 2008
Belle responded immediately. I am 67, and I can still be trained because it is so easy. Permalink
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Wyoming | June 10 2008
We have already recommended Bark Busters to friends because we had great results. Dozer has come around nicely. He knows his place in the family and acts a lot less stressed. I do love him more than before. Permalink