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Phoenixville | August 10 2009
Jeri is very easy going and gave great tips. Bimmer was definitely better after the first lesson. I like the idea of no treats and using affection. I learned a lot about dog behavior and where it stems from. I have already recommended Jeri and Bark Busters! Permalink
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Plymouth Meeting | August 10 2009
Jeri made it simple to understand and easy to follow through. We were pleasantly surprised to see immediate results. It is so much fun to see how Snuggles is responding to the techniques used. We are very pleased with Jeri! Love all of the handouts - these really come in handy for review. Permalink
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Annett O Lowell, Michigan | August 10 2009
Very calm approach, non threatening Permalink
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Viera | August 08 2009
I was extremely surprised by what was accomplished in one day and I already see a change in Sparky and we have only been working with him for 4 days. He already seems more calm to me. Terry made me feel that we could finally do something with Sparky's behavior. He is 16 months old and I was ready to give up on him. Now he will continue to be a happy member of our family and both my husband and myself are calmer. Permalink
Las Vegas | August 08 2009
Christine is Great! She knows so much about our dog, Rocko's, breed! Our Dog is a Belgian Malinois German Shepherd, a breed that is mostly used for military or police purposes. Needless to say there is not enough information on this breed to the general public. Christine knew a lot and helped us understand the breed and it's purpose.--Christine was well liked by Rocko and knew how to train with commands and how to help us understand the purpose for each.--Christine was very patient with us, and was so kind when correcting us, the owner, in a manner that didn't make us feel belittled. That is very important to us. She made us realize that training a dog takes time and discipline for both you and your dog. Permalink
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Hartsdale | August 07 2009
I am a skeptic by nature. But almost immediately, your method, with Mark's brilliant style, changed our dog. Within one day, Jesse stopped violently jumping at the front window. Within a week, his in-house barking stopped with one or two corrections. Take it from the world's biggest skeptic - This Works! Permalink
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Fort Myers | August 07 2009
Amazing response from our dog, simple and effective. Permalink
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New Lenox | August 06 2009
Vicky explained the training techniques and she demonstrated each one with us. I observed noticeable results by the end of the first session and then two days later noticed even more results. Vicky really bonded well with my two boxers. I would recommend the training because it also does not harm my dogs. I have already told three pet owners they should call Vicky. Permalink
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Clifton Park | August 06 2009
Are you sure you didn't take my old Dali and bring me a new one? We just got back from a walk around the soccer fields, kids everywhere and she didn't even glance at them. I couldn't believe her. Saw one dog across the street, didn't pay any attention to it. A jogger came up behind us, didn't know he was there, scared both of us but she looked at me to see what I was going to do. It was a GREAT walk. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I feel like a new woman with a new dog. Permalink
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Chagrin Falls | August 05 2009
Prior to the Bark Busters team, Kathy Stetz and Betsy Foglia, coming to our home, our dog was ruling OUR roost! Kathy and Betsy taught us the corrections that were necessary to provide long-term positive improvements in our dogs behavior. The enthusiasm they exhibited, their true excitement for their job and patience, made our training very interactive and fun. The techniques they taught us have given us the confidence to enforce the obedience training with ease. We can't thank them enough for their efforts and friendship. Permalink