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Orange, CT | July 30 2006
Richard and Vicki had patience with us and Brody and took the time to answer questions and concerns if there were any. The method is not abusive or harsh for the dog and there are immediate results. Permalink
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Hamden, CT | July 30 2006
We observed very positive and major changes by the end of the training. The methods used are gentle and effective. Permalink
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West Haven, CT | July 30 2006
Both Richard and Vicki were very professional and extremely knowledgeable about correcting our dog's aggression problems. Permalink
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Woodbridge, CT | July 30 2006
It has helped to make Monte a much loved member of our family. Permalink
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Jane L Cypress, Texas | July 30 2006
This is very simple, I have a totally different dog!!! Permalink
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Austin, TX | July 29 2006
Paula took her time & was very knowledgeable. My puppy & I are NOW communicating. I'm setting the rules. I learned so much in two hours. I felt that it was an excellent training experience for me & my dog. Well worth it. Permalink
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Steiner Ranch, TX | July 29 2006
We are still amazed at how well our dog responds to our tones & body language. It was Awesome! We are enjoying the homework too. It is effective, easy for all family members & dog responds! Permalink
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Lakeway, TX | July 29 2006
The sibling rivalry literature is VERY helpful, and appears to have been written specifically for our situation. It's dead-on! I can see where our past human behavior and reaction has definitely influenced the dogs. I finally understand the dynamics of our pack. We are making significant progress following Monday's training, and are pleased with the results. The girls were exhausted on Monday and Tuesday but still very receptive to corrections, and continue to learn quickly. Many thanks to Dennis -- Bark Busters is really a great program. Permalink
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Grand Rapids | July 29 2006
Great results, easy to remember. Very thorough in explaining, patient with my husband and me when we did not understand something. Permalink
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Denver, CO | July 28 2006
Bark Busters natural training techniques work. And, there is no physical corrections or using treats. Very pleasant! The experience makes you want to keep going! That's a definite plus! Permalink