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Sylvania | June 04 2007
I liked the methods. Rocket responded quickly and Cheryl was fun to work with. Permalink
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Woodville | June 04 2007
Cheryl was very clear in all aspects of the program. The program was easy to follow and understand. I am pleased with results and results and we just starting the program. Permalink
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Perrysburg | June 04 2007
Immediate change in Shadow's behavior. (m,Labradoodle,13 wks) Permalink
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Jerry City | June 04 2007
Fantastic! Blitz (m. shepherd, 1 yr) was totally calm by the end of the session. Difference was immediate. Somewhat hyper at beginning and totally calm at end. Looking forward to having Puma (cat) run around the house again. (dog chased) Permalink
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Madison | June 04 2007
Linda was so easy to understand and she was so patient with our confusion. Both Novus & Potter responded remarkably quickly. I was very pleased and the bags aren't used very much any more. The Bah alone is effective. The training was very intense . . . but so very worthwhile! I have already recommended Bark Busters. Even though it is expensive, it is worth the effort and time. I have spread the positive word to Oregon Vet Clinic! It is just necessary to work daily and I find that my key issue is over our busy life. I will continue to try to be organized and committed! Permalink
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McFarland | June 04 2007
Positive behavior training. Linda is very upbeat and reassuring! Permalink
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Minneapolis | June 04 2007
John was very generous to work with my husband and I with our rescue and foster dogs, going way above and beyond (he even went to the home of Cooper's new family to aid in a smooth transition!) Our home is a much happier place after John trained us to properly train our dogs. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone. Permalink
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Minneola | June 04 2007
I will recommend Jim and Bark Busters because of the quick positive results I noticed right away. Permalink
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Orlando | June 03 2007
Extremely easy to understand - It works! I larned a great deal and would recommend this program to everyone. Permalink
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Palm Bay | June 03 2007
Both Pam and Zeke were very thorough in their explanation...I was very impressed at how quickly this method works....It is an easy method to learn and it has excellent results. I honestly didn't think that it would work with the amount of dogs I have. I was very surprised when it worked so quickly. I have 47 beagles and the barking was getting out of hand. Now at least I can have visitors at my house without the dogs jumping up and barking. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone that has a dog with behavior problems. It really works!! Permalink