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Chestnut Ridge, NY | April 09 2010
Was very clear and understandable. I should have done this long ago! Permalink
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Itasca | April 08 2010
Chris was very patient with us, and I was encouraged by the gentle but firm manner of training. The experience was interesting and enjoyable, not only because of Christine's manner, but watching the results and the change in yourself is rewarding. I'm glad we found each other! While always adorable, my dogs are loved even more now. Permalink
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Limerick | April 08 2010
I am very impressed with the techniques and mostly Jeri's knowledge. Permalink
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Norristown | April 08 2010
Jeri took her time with us and our unique situation. We have a mix of ages with six dalmatians, including two deaf puppies. Permalink
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Collegeville | April 08 2010
By the time my dog was 11 months old, he had become so aggressive that my veterinarian suggested he be put down and there was nothing that could be done. Then I talked to Jeri. The first time Jeri came to my house, my arms and legs were so black and blue from my dog biting me. Jeri gave me exercises and instructions on what to do with him so I could get control and build my leadership with him. When Jeri returned for her second visit two weeks later, I had no new bruises and the aggression towards me had stopped. We still have a way to go, but I now feel I will have a companion for the rest of his life. Thank you, Jeri! Permalink
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Valhalla | April 08 2010
Most important, Mark explained everything by making us laugh at our mistakes (i.e., very comfortable atmosphere). We would be much better if we were completely consistent all the time. Mark is very dependable in terms of time and returning our calls. Wish we had used Bark Busters right away instead of going to other training. Rupi is a strong-willed dog and needed/needs a different method of training. For the first time, we are beginning to get out of the woods. Most of the time, Rupi is now a very sweet, well-behaved dog. Permalink
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Coral Gables | April 08 2010
All I can say is WOW! Before Robin came to visit us, my dog PJ was a ball of nerves wrapped in fearful aggression, which made her a really hard dog to have as a companion. Constant barking and jumping up. Licking everything/everybody one minute and snapping the next. And her favorite pastime was ripping the mail to SHREDS when it came through the mail slot! I am happy to report that both my mom, Yvonne and PJ are NAILING the homework that Robin gave us from our first lesson. I want to share on your Web site what I feel made it possible for us to see such immediate changes in PJ's behavior. The second Robin walked in the door, her natural ability (her vibe) and experience got us started on the right foot. PJ sensed Robin's "alpha" presence and that allowed us to have a calm and focused environment for learning. PJ AND the humans were open and attentive students! We clearly understood the goal of the exercises. This way, once we were alone, we were easily able to implement the training, CONFIDENTLY, on our own. Before now, it was virtually impossible to get PJ's attention, and we had a hard time even getting her to SIT, much less stop barking! That, CALM and CONFIDENCE that Robin exudes, to me, is PRICELESS. I look forward to hearing about PJ's continued progress through the rest of the training sessions ... she is ALREADY a much happier dog! Permalink
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Middlebury | April 08 2010
I had Maggie out for a walk on leash today on the Greenway path here in Middlebury. Coming toward us were two large dogs on leash, and the German shepherd started lunging and barking at us as they were approaching. Maggie started to react, lunging and snarling back. So I quietly took her aside, put her in a Stay (not a Sit, just a Stay), and calmly and in a low voice just kept repeating "Stay." She stayed, looked up at me the whole time, and didn't react to the dogs at all. Praise, praise, praise afterward. It works! Thanks to you. Permalink
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Chestnut Ridge, NY | April 07 2010
I feel like this is the first time I have control. I've worked with other trainers before, but never felt like I've had complete control in this way. I'm very optimistic... I really think my dog will make great progress and become the well-behaved dog I've always wanted! Permalink
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Brownstown | April 07 2010
Excellent in every category. The training worked very fast with my dog. I like that the training is non-physical. I work for a veterinarian and would recommend Bark Busters to all dog owners that have problems with their dogs. Permalink