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Farmington | February 23 2010
Paul went out of his way to clarify all training techniques. I observed definite results by the end of the training. Bark Busters' techniques are so much better than the pain methods used by another trainer I worked with. I was very pleased and my dog was so much happier. The training experience was so interesting and enjoyable that the time flew by. I have recommended Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
Trainer note from Paul, Ryanne & Omar : This client transformed her extremely leash aggressive 55 pound Pit-bull within five weeks before moving to China with the dog.
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Inver Grove Heights | February 23 2010
Paul really helped me understand how to constructively build leadership with my exuberant dog using a passive approach. Bark Busters is an excellent system that will work as well as the effort you put into it. Permalink
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Inver Grove Heights | February 23 2010
Paul explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand and answered all our questions too. I was impressed! Our little Maltese, Reggie, who would barely sit, did a sit and stay by the end of our session. Bark Busters' natural training techniques all made so much sense. I found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. It was really exciting to continue the next day and see more results. I have been telling friends and relatives about Bark Busters. Paul was thorough, fun and patient. What more could you ask for?! You could tell Paul loves animals. Permalink
Medfield | February 22 2010
Where to start...I never want to miss ANY opportunity to sing Paulette's praises, because quite honestly, I STILL can't believe what she has made it possible for us to achieve!! We adopted our rescue dog Jock about 8 months ago. I was completely at a loss-within weeks he was barking at everything that moved, completely out of control with every dog we came near, and going for our cat whenever he saw her. We loved him dearly, but just couldn't enjoy him as much as we had hoped due to his behavior. Enter Paulette-we started with an introductory session in which I learned SO much. That day we took Jock for a walk together-with a few simple commands and tips, Paulette was able to have Jock walk calmly next to me instead of dragging me behind him on the leash. Paulette asked me for a "wish list" that day. I included goals such as not fighting with other dogs, being able to walk off leash, getting along with the cat, and not barking. I vividly remember thinking, "Yeah right, sounds good, but not gonna happen!" Believe it or not though, here we are, many months after that first meeting, and I just can't believe where we've come. Jock and Fred the cat sleep peacefully together on the couch, I walk him off leash in the fields across the road with many many other dogs in the mornings, and he can't wait to greet them and play, he doesn't bark at the buses and cars-it's just a miracle! We are enjoying him so much as a family now-he is everything that I had hoped for, and he brings us so much joy. Paulette's love, expertise and patience with the dogs she helps is just amazing. I was so very impressed with her from the moment we met, and seeing what we've been able to do has only increased my admiration. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend both Paulette and Jon to anyone-if you're having issues with your dog, there can be no one better to help you both get to a place where you can enjoy each other so much! Permalink
Pearland | February 22 2010
Connie is the BEST. We adopted a second rescue dog with lots of behavioral problems such as avoids human contact and barks/tears up kennel. Our dog, Abby is improving every day and is different dog in just a few months. Permalink
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Evansville | February 22 2010
Greg did a great job with both our dogs! After one visit, we noticed a dramatic change in our lab. We no longer need to kennel our dogs during the day and no longer need to worry about our house getting destroyed while we are gone. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Permalink
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St. Petersburg | February 22 2010
Vito was fantastic! We saw huge changes and they are generalizing across many situations. Vito's a natural and the dogs now love him! Permalink
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Fort Myers Beach | February 21 2010
There was a marked difference in my standard poodle, Austin, in the first 12 hours. Permalink
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Cape Coral | February 21 2010
I like the theory behind the training techniques. I do think they will be effective as long as I can keep up with them. The training presentation was very well organized. Permalink
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Michaela G Omaha, Nebraska | February 20 2010
I felt like Deb really cared about my dog, Joe's behavior. She took her time and was very patient. I would not use Bark Busters if they didn't use gentle training. I really like your approach. I saw immediate results and I absolutely recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. It is fun to learn and work with Deb. Permalink
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