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Las Vegas | January 25 2010
Our Vet told us about Bark Busters and Christine. We have an 8 month old blue heeler that was chasing our two cats and pulling up our sprinkler system. We were surprised at the quick reaction she had to the training. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Tinley Park | January 25 2010
My boxer picked up the "BAH" sound very quickly. Once I said it he'd look up to me for eye contact and the command. A lot has to be said about the trainer. You could tell she loved her job and was very patient. I feel we got extremely lucky having Vicky Harper as our trainer. We are considering upgrading to a lifetime membership. Currently we are annual. Permalink
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Naples and New York | January 24 2010
We were more in control on a walk and Molly seems quieter when we are gone. We don't want to change Molly's good nature, just learn how to be her leaders. Both Colin and June were very professional - they took a real interest in us and Molly. Neighbors have noticed immediate improvements. Permalink
Kenmore | January 23 2010
Connie DuBois is truly the best trainer we've ever had. I highly recommend her to anyone who has any dog issues. I wish I had found her when my Bella was a puppy, but we have her now and that is the main thing. Connie is the kindest, most patient and caring trainer I've ever met. She is truly a genuine person and so down to earth. We love you Connie! Connie has taught us so much. In just the first day we saw an improvement in Bella. All I want is for Bella to have a healthy and happy life. With the tools Connie has given us she will have a better life and we will have greater peace of mind. Connie is our dog whisper (better). I can't say enough positive things about Connie. I never thought in a million years Bella would ever walk beside me on a loose leash, but to my surprise the day has come. I am thrilled beyond belief and it only took a few practice sessions for Bella to master walking beside me. Connie you are an angel! I can't thank you enough and we are so blessed to have found you. Connie is the Best!!! We love her. She really knows what she is talking about and is so good at her job. You can tell she loves and believes in what she is doing. We have used the services of several other dog trainers who were good, but Connie is by far the best trainer I have seen to date. She is a keeper!! Permalink
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Shorewood | January 22 2010
The training techniques were easy to follow and understand. John was very clear and put us at ease. We observed noticeable results by the end of the session. Buffy (Labrador Retriever) was much more relaxed. We found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. We liked that both of us (husband & wife) got to participate and saw results with Buffy right away. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Manhattan | January 22 2010
We observed noticeable results right away. I worked with Max (German Shepherd) later that day after John left and he was doing great. We found the training experience interesting and enjoyable. We learned some things we didn't know, like the different forms of dominance. We would recommend Bark Busters to our friends. Our neighbor was interested in possibly using John for their dog that barks constantly. We thought John was great. He helped us learn how to teach Max good behavior in easy ways that were helpful. Permalink
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Elwood | January 22 2010
The training techniques were easy to understand and follow. John was very confident and knowledgeable. I observed noticeable results by the end of the session. My consistency in following the training techniques should make a difference. I very much found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. Permalink
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Candace R Albuquerque, New Mexico | January 22 2010
After only a few days I noticed a big change in how my dogs behave. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Pulling, Recall, Separation anxiety, Sibling rivalry
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La Jolla | January 20 2010
Our young golden retriever needed help with certain behavioral issues we were unable to correct on our own and we decided to call in a professional trainer. Having had some experience with trainers in the past, but not knowing any now, I took my time exploring the ratings as well as others listed online. One I looked at was Bark Busters. I liked their presentation and contacted the trainer in our area, Jan Janecki. We hired Jan for 2½ hours to assess our dog's needs and demonstrate ways to solve our problems. This she did very well. Jan knows canine psychology and clued us in on the steps we could take to eliminate some annoying issues as well as build up our dog's confidence. With firm kindness she took us under her wing and showed us what to do to achieve the desired outcome -- a pleasant family dog. Dog owners who decide to hire a trainer must accept the responsibility for following through on the lessons taught, i.e. there's homework to be done here and all the lessons in the world will be for naught if the studying afterward isn't completed. This is because, in the end, it is the owner who is the student, and it is the trainer who teaches him to be the better owner. We highly recommend Jan Janecki and will continue to use her services. Permalink
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Lake Mary | January 19 2010
I just wanted to thank you again for all of the help you gave us with McGee, he is a completely different dog since the training. We will probably schedule follow-up down the road when we have kids, but what you have taught us is helping tremendously for now! McGee and Lillie (the new girl) stay alone together all day while we're at work and it has made our lives 100% better (and theirs too!). I've recommended you to so many people, I can't believe how much of a difference it has made! Permalink