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Castro Valley | October 29 2009
Gail's explanations were especially good in that she did not talk down, dumb them up or make me feel poorly about what I had been doing. Kolbie learned the basics by the end of the lesson and I feel we can easily practice. I loved the lessons of understanding the dog with minimal tricks, really just dog logic. I found the training experience to be interesting, enjoyable, helpful and fun. I would recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. Permalink
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Anthem | October 29 2009
We just wanted everyone to know how impressed we are. We have been working really hard and the difference is like night and day in only 24 hours! My mom came over today and for the first time we didn't have to put the gate up to prevent the rushing of the door. The dogs each barked once and stayed about 20 feet back. That's just one of the many changes we have seen already. We have done MANY types of training and have never seen results so quickly and the techniques are so easy to learn. We have never been so impressed by a trainer before! It is AMAZING. We will tell everyone about how great the training is!! :) We are really looking forward to our next session. Thanks so much! Permalink
LaGrange | October 29 2009
Doug was very thorough and made it easy to understand. Doug has been great to work with and very supportive in helping me with Sarge Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | October 28 2009
My 1 year old dog Beauty was experiencing separation anxiety to the point she was barking and destroying things when I wasn't home. I have learned that I need to be a leader to her! I would recommend Bark Busters because they knew exactly how to handle my problem. The experience was excellent. Permalink
Daniel Island | October 28 2009
Our four year old Jack Russell Terrier lost the vision in one of her eyes due to an injury. Bark Busters training experience has been more successful than any of the other training techniques we tried. By the end of the first training, barking at doorbells and for attention had greatly lessened. We have also been able to apply the techniques to other issues which have arisen and has been extremely helpful! Carolina's behavior has improved dramatically, her aggression towards other dogs was making it difficult to continue her normal lifestyle after the injury. Now we can take her to restaurants, shops, parks and beaches without having to panic about safety issues that could arise. Permalink
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Galway | October 28 2009
Rachel did a great job making it understandable for my kids. We noticed improvement within days and it has continued as we work with Gracie. Permalink
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Slingerlands | October 28 2009
Billi has shown marked improvement with just one lesson. Permalink
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Glenville | October 28 2009
The techniques were very useful and easy to learn. Permalink
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Delmar | October 28 2009
It was as if we had a different dog at the end of the session! Rachel was thorough, professional, and personable. Not only was Rachel incredibly organized and thoughtful, she provided a DVD for my children to watch about how to act with dogs. She made us feel comfortable and encouraged! Permalink
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Brunswick | October 28 2009
She was very patient and repeated techniques for maximum comprehension by me and my husband both. What was even better for us was also having the tools like the checklist with the trainers detailed notes to help track and remind us of our rules and corrective actions. She responded nearly instantly and it corrected previously uncontrollable behavior without physical correction. Gave you the confidence to positively affect your dog's behavior. We would recommend without hesitation. Permalink