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Bloomfield Hills | September 01 2009
Lisa walked into a home with two stressed-out humans and one six-pound dog who was running things. Within days, things are much different. We are all much more relaxed and our places in the "pack" are defined. Permalink
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Seminole | September 01 2009
Vito has been terrific to work with. He is very understanding of our needs and the feelings of our Mastiff puppy. We have learned several ways to control our large dog. Simba is learning quickly and Vito continues to bring new ideas and techniques to try with Simba. Permalink
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Fall River | August 31 2009
Everything was explained clearly and thoroughly. I was amazed how Maya actually listened to Jason, just after a short amount of time. I was absolutely pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I would never want to use anything that would inflict any kind of pain. I feel very confident that Maya will soon be a very well behaved dog. Permalink
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Hillsboro | August 31 2009
We saw noticeable results in our dogs. People are poor learners compared to dogs. My neighbors are enjoying watching and listening to me and my husband trying to 'growl' at our dogs. We are having (especially my husband) a hard time remembering the word 'Free' from the word 'OK'. We would recommend Bark Busters to our neighbors and friends. Permalink
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Aloha | August 31 2009
I have been happy with the process. Teddy has progressed. Great process - excellent teacher. Permalink
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Hilliard | August 31 2009
I have just started with Bark Busters and I am so happy. Thank you so much for teaching me how to get the training started. My trainer Bobb is super nice and easily identifies quick fixes to help me improve the techniques. To start with, we picked the top 3 "problem areas" to work on and I was amazed at how well my dog did from the start! My #1 issue was jumping on people. And I can say "WAS" because just after 1 week my dog already knew that was no longer acceptable manners!! :) From the first lesson there was such an overall improvement it was encouraging. The tips for walking on a leash work very well and are simple and very effective. My dog continues to respond more and more easily. We continue to learn and reinforce and now are getting ready to begin additional training areas!! I am so glad I found you and am passing on recommendations to my friends! Permalink
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Lake Oswego | August 29 2009
Lisa was great. We felt very comfortable and well educated. Oscar was in the crate crying, but after Lisa showed us how to quiet and reward Oscar by letting her out when quiet, it was a huge relief. Oscar had been suffering from separation problems. After the very first visit with Lisa, it was corrected. Excellent! The training experience was great. I have already recommended Bark Busters and am looking forward to having a well loved, well behaved member of our family forever. Permalink
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Naples | August 29 2009
Colin and June were wonderful! Enjoyed training / techniques as well as education. Can't wait for our next visit! Permalink
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Santa Clarita | August 28 2009
Scott from Bark Busters made our lives so much more peaceful. He is easy to understand, patient and reliable. The best part is, the results are immediate. I recommend Bark Busters to everyone with a Dog. The results are AMAZING to say the least. We appreciate you making us better owners and pack leaders. THANKS SCOTT!!!! Permalink
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Seattle | August 28 2009
David truly has a gift for training dogs and more importantly, their owners. He is a real pro-I love the follow-up training instructions that he so patiently and neatly writes at the end of each session. They are so helpful, and I review them often. David has always responded promptly to my emails and calls and if something wasn't working, he always had a plan B (or C or D in my case)! I wish I had started working with him immediately after getting my rescue dog instead of waiting 6 months, but better late than never. Thanks David! Permalink