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Warren | July 07 2009
Bark Busters has excellent trainers and program. Our dog was a small "Marley." We had thoughts of getting rid of him, but now he's enjoyable already after one session. After the first session, he was a completely different dog! Permalink
Lake Orion | July 07 2009
For the first time in over a month, we have hope! We are thrilled with the trainer and techniques!! We can see the "light" at the end of the tunnel and are confident we can have well-behaved dogs! THANK YOU!!! Permalink
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Oregon City | July 07 2009
Al explained the techniques very well and in a way that the whole family understood. I saw a big change in "Torque" after the first visit and it continued ever since. I love the fact that I don't have to use treats. The whole experience has been wonderful! Would we recommend Bark Busters? Yes, Yes, Yes! This has helped to change our pack dynamics and the dogs are no longer the pack leaders...we are! Permalink
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Vancouver | July 07 2009
Dick did a great job at our first class. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. Permalink
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Homer Glen | July 06 2009
I saw results in less than 1 hour - Amazing! Permalink
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Brandon | July 06 2009
After the 1st visit I had a much better understanding of how to provide leadership and structure for my dog, resulting in almost immediate positive response with problem activities. I would be happy to recommend Bark Busters ! Permalink
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Boca Raton | July 06 2009
Susan was very professional. She seems to have a genuine love of animals. Permalink
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Medford | July 02 2009
I never knew how easy it would be to make my dog understand. Kurt is an excellent trainer! Permalink
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Chino Hills | July 02 2009
Yes, this morning was the ultimate test of your training. It is worth every penny you charge. Buddy and I are out for our morning walk where the bunnies, lizards, cats, and birds drive him crazy. This morning the gardeners were noisy too, and only Buddy heard the rustling of a lizard in a bush. Off he took, with the leash unraveling from my hand so he wouldn't hurt my back. In a flash the whole scenario of a day of training came to mind. I gave my loudest growl ever, and clapped my hands while yelling halt, stay. Buddy immediately turned around, sat down, and waited for me. Oh, and did I mention the gardening truck moving down the direction he was running before. He sat while in my calmest whispering voice, I told him not to bolt. And then I told him what a good dog, and good listener he was. Then I noticed the leash was still laying on the ground out of my hand. Amazing! One dog saved!!--Thanks, God bless Permalink
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Cairo | July 02 2009
I could understand what Leigh Ann was saying and actually do it right! Permalink