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Sherwood | May 27 2009
There was a lot of information to digest at our first appointment but we noticed several improvements directly after. The training techniques seemed very logical and although at times difficult to implement, they proved worthwhile. It was very interesting to see how 'Charlie' responded and it was fun for us as a family to see his improvements. We were apprehensive at first because of the cost, but it is bringing us a lot of peace when it comes to our dog and how we respond to him. Permalink
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Canby | May 27 2009
Easy for the owners to follow and helpful to our dog. Terrific!! Permalink
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Fort Myers | May 27 2009
I thought the session went very well and could see noticeable results by the time it was over. The techniques used were simple and made sense once explained. Permalink
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Raleigh | May 26 2009
My expectations were high, but the results were even better than expected. The training is amazing! At long last we can vacuum the floor in peace. We can now take Turbo for a walk without a constant struggle of her going crazy and trying to chase cars which was a very dangerous situation. Permalink
James Island | May 26 2009
Simply put - it works! After just two lessons we can now walk our Great Dane through the neighborhood without everyone running away from us! We thought the training techniques were excellent - we had tried other techniques (i.e. forcing submission) to no avail. The advice we had gained from the internet and cable shows resulted in worse, more aggressive behavior from our Great Dane. Seeing Nico's progress and how fast she responded to the program was unbelievable and encouraging. Permalink
West Ashley | May 26 2009
The change in my 5 year old Shepherd/Chow Mix Buddie has been VERY dramatic since Bark Busters helped us. Buddie no longer scares people out of my room, which I NEVER thought would happen! Buddie seems happier, like he doesn't have to be the leader all the time and he can finally relax a little! Permalink
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Sherwood | May 26 2009
The flip chart was laid out well and easy to understand. I think the 2 hours of attention and sudden submission acted as a bit of a 're-set' for Zuri. I learned some new things as well as being able to see the big picture. I think learning the 'whys' gave me a fresh start and a better understanding of what my dog needs from me. Permalink
N. Charleston | May 26 2009
The trainers did an excellent job answering our questions about our 5 year old Maltese. Toby responded very will after the first session and we began having hope that we could resolve his aggression. The "Bahhh" sound was unusual and we were a bit uncomfortable using it at first but it seems to work! Toby has not bitten or growled at anyone since the first visit. Permalink
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Commerce City | May 26 2009
We are so pleased with Buddy's progress - he is like a new dog. Calmer and a pleasure to have. Permalink
Mt. Pleasant | May 26 2009
We had a blast with this training - it made sense and was easy to learn. Our dog stopped jumping and biting by about 80% within the first hour and more that day and week. It's simple, natural dog training that works well AND fast! Permalink