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Seattle | July 06 2010
When we adopted King, he was just over 6 months old and had been rejected from three different households. He was smart and high energy, a lethal combination. Luckily, we got hooked up with Bark Busters and learned that we needed to get him to view us humans as the pack leaders. It's now three years later, and our work has really paid off. He's a great dog! Permalink
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Willowick | July 06 2010
Our dog Sasha was abused when she was small. We got her when she was 8 months old. She was very afraid of strangers. Jamie came to our house and showed us how we can be good leaders so Sasha can relax and depend on us. We love you Jamie!!!!!!!!!!!! Jamie was the best thing for our dog and us. But we have to keep up with the good work. Permalink
Shorewood | July 06 2010
We researched high and low to find the best way to train our new puppy, and we are extremely pleased with the results after only two sessions. John is training US how to train Fen, which makes the tasks SO MUCH EASIER! Understanding WHY Fen does what he does, and learning to read his behavior allows both my boys (18 and 12) and my wife and I to help our puppy be the BEST puppy! John Sullivan is doing a first-rate job with Fenrir (Samoyed). Thanks, John... Permalink
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Sanibel | July 06 2010
We have had extensive dog training in the past, but NEVER have we seen such remarkable results as we did with Bark Busters. After one two-hour lesson, we already have referred Bark Busters and Patrick. We truly did not expect the kind of results which the Bark Busters training produced. We have a different dog! Permalink
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Farmington | July 04 2010
Excellent one-on-one training. Easy to understand. Excellent in every aspect. Permalink
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Wilsonville | July 04 2010
Al, thank you so much for being the kind, caring person you are, and thank you Bark Busters. The afternoon you came, I was ready to take him back to the breeder, as it was my screeching, "Stop, No," water spray, etc. He barked at every human, bike, pet, squirrel. I was at the end of my rope. It's been a year of this, and you realized it, and I'm so thankful to you!!! I had an all-day appointment to figure out my hip pain, and I left him in the kitchen. The neighbor let him out for a half hour on the porch, and NO BARKING!!! I am now calmer, and Sidney is too. Truthfully, I have been a prisoner in my house. I couldn't leave him because of the barking. Not any more. He just barked when someone went by, I corrected him, he stopped and went to sleep in his bed! I am more than grateful to you. Permalink
| July 02 2010
I have known Cheryl through our work together on behalf of the local Humane Society. She has always had a remarkable way with dogs (and cats and pot bellied pigs!) When she told me she was buying a Bark Busters franchise, I was so excited for her-and for her future clients! There is not doubt this is her calling. She has since come over to provide her BB service to my household. I have a soft-coated wheaten terrier and a tall skinny mutt. They both charge the front door and jump up when a guest arrives. Within 90 minutes of her two-hour visit, my dogs were sitting calmly away from the front door for the first time ever! And the training method was positive, effective and most importantly, easily understood by my dogs. I will say here what I told a potential client who called me for a reference for Cheryl. You cannot go wrong engaging Cheryl in having better behaved and happier dogs-and therefore a happier household. Permalink
Rochester Hills | July 01 2010
Tank was "reborn." It was, and still is, amazing! I recommended Bark Busters to a stranger the day after the training. The stranger's dog rushed us, and I was able to keep Tank at my side as the owner came to get her dog! Permalink
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Phoenixville | June 30 2010
Easy to learn and follow. I like that the training is not reward (treat) based or that we need to withhold affection. Permalink
Rochester | June 30 2010
John was very thorough, and we were amazed at Maggie's response. The simplicity of the technique makes it easy to follow through. I was so amazed by the techniques, I would have liked John to STAY! Permalink