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Bowling Green | March 23 2009
My trainer thoroughly explained the techniques, if I was not correcting her in the right way, she would show me the correct way using hands on methods. With a dog aggressive dog, Maddie was very attentive to me when another dog was in the distance. I loved that I was not feeding her treats to get her to listen to me. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters!! Permalink
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Toledo | March 23 2009
Pleasantly surprised that our "difficult dog" was listening and obeying in such a short amount of time. The training was fun for us & the dogs were mentally stimulated the entire time. Permalink
Rochester Hill | March 23 2009
Both John and Lisa were extremely knowledgeable, gave thorough explanations and showed us very effective ways to train our dog. Getting our dog's annoying behaviors under control allows us to enjoy our dog more than ever! Permalink
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Lockport | March 23 2009
I was very impressed with Bark Busters and would recommend them to anyone who is interested in training their dog to respect them. It's an easy to learn and effective system. Our therapist was very friendly and knowledgeable. Overall, great experience. Permalink
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Joliet | March 23 2009
Outstanding results. We found the training experience to be extremely interesting and enjoyable. The techniques are logical, practical and amazingly functional. Permalink
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Minooka | March 23 2009
I am very pleased. Permalink
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Pembroke Pines | March 22 2009
Toogie has been wonderful since your visit. She stays in the family room or retracts to the family room when someone's opening/closing the door. As soon as it's closed she comes to the front to greet people. She also stays away from our lift-up coffee table when we're eating. Thanks for everything. Permalink
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Fort Lupton | March 22 2009
Barb is very knowledgeable -- and very fair and patient. Cares for the animals. Excellent techniques, results, natural training techniques, experience, and I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Lehigh Acres | March 21 2009
We were very impressed with how fast things changed. Noticeable results in 10 minutes. Easy to follow, very simple. The natural and pleasing techniques are great. We didn't want anything that would harm them. We think anyone that has major or minor issues would benefit. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 21 2009
Excellent! So far, so good! Permalink