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Wolcott | May 23 2007
The therapist was clear and easy to understand and could answer all of our questions. I noticed immediate results and was surprised that the techniques had such an effect and was pleased with how well it worked. At first I was hesitant to take command as I was afraid that it was upsetting my dog because he is so used to being coddled, but it worked out well and he still loves me. Having a 13-year-old dog, I wasn't sure that we could change his behavior, but there is a marked difference in his behavior. Bark Busters has made my household happier. Permalink
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Middletown | May 23 2007
We would never have believed it if we hadn't see it with our own eyes (and ears). We are so amazed, you taught us that we can have peace and quiet in our house! Permalink
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Burr Ridge | May 23 2007
I definitely observed noticeable results. After the 1st session, our dog was no longer barking incessantly. She stopped barking at the doorbell & responded to the growl sound I made to correct her behavior. I love that the techniques mimic dog pack behavior and do not rely on treats. (My dog doesn't like treats) Permalink
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Chicago | May 23 2007
The natural training techniques aren't mean, they make sense and they work. Even the dogs enjoyed the training experience. Connie made me feel that what I was trying to do was very worthwhile and possible. I am much happier with my dogs and my relationship with them. Permalink
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Willowbrook | May 23 2007
I observed immediate results. Harley is on his way to becoming a new dog! Permalink
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Westmont | May 23 2007
Loved what we saw by the end of the training session. I loved the fact that the whole family was here and in our environment it made the training more relevant. Permalink
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Bolingbrook | May 23 2007
Connie laid things out in a way that was very easy to understand. The dogs responded very quickly. We were very pleased with the natural training techniques. Slightly skeptical at first, but the REALLY work. The techniques have alleviated much stress in our home. You were one of our last resorts and thankfully it worked. Permalink
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Homer Glen | May 23 2007
Connie was wonderful! She was full of excitement which made me eager and interested to learn all of the techniques to "speak" to Rory. Rory responded immediately. I was happy to learn to speak to him in a language he understood without becoming physical. In a matter of only 2 days Rory was no longer barking, growling or showing other signs of aggression towards strangers and neighbors. I am so pleased o have found a system that works with my dog and look forward to him being able to become a part of society. Permalink
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Aurora | May 23 2007
It helped me understand how my dog thinks; which helps me explain his behavior. Permalink
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Denver | May 23 2007
Our babies are special and I believe the techniques are really outstanding. Becky is a good instructor. Permalink