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Saugus, CA | February 23 2007
Would I recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors? Absolutely because of the immediate results. Permalink
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Valencia, CA | February 23 2007
The dog training was very clear and made perfect sense, it was like magic!!! Immediate response to all the dog training we did, I have already recommend Bark Busters to some of my family. Permalink
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Canyon Country, CA | February 23 2007
I would recommend Bark Busters because: a) it works, and b) it is humane! The dog training is easy to do and establishes a better relationship with our dog. Permalink
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Santa Clarita, AL | February 23 2007
I would recommend Bark Busters Home Dog Training to my friends and neighbors because the results were quick and the training was easy to learn and execute. Permalink
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Evansville, WI | February 23 2007
It was very easy and the response from our dog was immediate! Permalink
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Standale | February 23 2007
We saw immediate results. We are very happy with the results we have seen so far. Wally's demeanor has changed, but his personality has not! He is so much more manageable and enjoyable. We can even have guest in our house with out embarrassment. Permalink
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Madison, WI | February 21 2007
Traditional treat training had helped us teach Nixon how to DO things. Bark Busters has helped us conquer the more major task of teaching him NOT do to things. Fast results without food bribes. Makes sense! Permalink
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Saddle Brook, NJ | February 21 2007
I cannot begin to tell you how impressed my wife and I are with your program. We have a 6- month-old male German Shephard named Petey. Petey was quite a problem. He had terrible food agression, hated other dogs, and would try to attack anyone that would come to the door. After one lesson from Bark Busters, Petey is a totally different dog. After the 3 hours our trainer spent with us, he had turned Petey from an aggressive overprotective dog, into a well-behaved dog that knew his place in the pack. I will recommend your company to everyone I know with dogs. Thank you very much. Permalink
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Ann A Houston, Texas | February 20 2007
The results were immediate, yes even with my Basset Hounds! It is nice not having to use treats to train my dogs. This experience has increased the peace/decreased the stress in my home! Thanks so much, Bob!! Permalink
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DeBary, FL | February 19 2007
Mike came to our home for the first class for two puppies. By the next day, the two puppies were different dogs. The lesson that Bark Busters gives is totally a learning lesson for not only the dogs but for us as well. I highly reccomend this to all people who want a well-behaved dog. They will be happy and so will you. Permalink