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Frankfort | January 05 2009
We found the training experience to be interesting and enjoyable. Vicky was great with our dog. Permalink
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Fort Myers | January 05 2009
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again! We walked the beach this morning, Bert (shih tzu) was wonderful. It's like magic! I cannot believe it! Thank you so much! It's like a little miracle, thank you. Permalink
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Pearland | January 05 2009
I cannot say enough great things about Connie. She has worked wonders with our dog, Macy. Her techniques are great for fearful dogs. Connie will train at your home, relatives house and even the park. Thank you so much, Connie!!! You have made a huge difference in our lives! Permalink
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Kennett Square | January 05 2009
Learning to think like a dog and not treat Marley as a human was a key point to the lesson. Marley almost immediately picked up not to charge up the stairs before us! We were very relieved that Bark Busters didn't use choke collars. We would have enjoyed spending even more time with Alan, he was very interesting and the whole experience was enjoyable! Permalink
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Hayward | January 04 2009
Gail included practical illustrations and examples for me. I was very pleased with the natural training techniques. They helped me appreciate why I must take a leadership role in my relationship with my puppy, Sasha. I would recommend Bark Busters because you're building a relationship with your dog, not a human, and you need a different skill set to make it happen. Permalink
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Naples | January 03 2009
Function, user-friendly techniques. Patrick is very easy to work with. He explained the pleasing, natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We saw noticeable results by the end of the training. We recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
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Clinton Twp. | January 02 2009
John was both informative and interesting. This training has made a huge difference. I wish we would have adopted this method ages ago it would have made ownership more enjoyable. Permalink
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Macomb Twp | January 02 2009
We were ready to find a new home for Spanky. But now he is definitely a keeper. Permalink
Waldorf | January 02 2009
First of all,I NEVER fill these things out. I NEVER write testimonials. This experience was so amazing that I HAD to write this mini novel! David is a miracle worker. I rescued our dog, Oreo, from the shelter one week before he was supposed to be euthanized. He had been taken out of an abusive home when he was 6 months old and spent almost 1 year in the shelter. I was told by the shelter workers that he was a special-needs dog, and that he was untrainable. He is a black shih tzu with a tongue that is always sticking out! My husband and I are first time dog owners, and in the 4½ years we have had Oreo, we have done great things and not so great things. In the time we have had him, we allowed bad habits to emerge and unknowingly-we enabled him to develop very aggressive tendencies. He would routinely bite (or attempt to bite) any visitors, he would bark for hours at a time when visitors would come over. If we had guests over, we would have to crate him in the bedroom or board him because he would not stop barking and would often have accidents in his crate. He bit my husband 1 month after we rescued Oreo which required an emergency room visit. He nipped at most visitors, one resulting in an emergency room visit. He overcame a 4-month-old puppy and tried to bite her neck. And, most recently, Oreo bit me significantly in an effort to reach my mother-in-law. My hubby and I were beside ourselves because we knew that was the final straw. We did not know what to do. Euthanization was discussed, but we both knew that we could not live with that decision because we loved Oreo so much. Our vet suggested a dog behaviorist...and we eventually found Bark Busters. David came to our house and we had a 30-45 minute consultation, while Oreo was crated upstairs. We discovered that while we were doing some of the same training techniques that David was explaining, we were doing them incorrectly. We had done SO much Internet and book research, but we were just just applying them incorrectly! When we finally let Oreo down, David stood behind a gate for protection...Oreo came running in and tried to jump over the gate to get at David, barking and growling. That is how we began our training. We tried all the techniques David had taught us, we recreated scenarios that resulted in dog bites or nips (including the one that got me bit). IT WORKED! Oreo responded within minutes to the techniques. By the time David left, Oreo was sleeping, playing, running around in the yard, and begging for belly rubs! We had read that it was common for things to go great with the trainer and that it got harder later. So...we were prepared. We understood that WE had to do our homework and reinforce all these techniques. We did our homework everyday and saw SIGNIFICANT changes. He is so much more calm now. On the 3rd day of training, my in-laws came to stay with us for a week (for Christmas). OREO WAS GREAT! He barked twice (and it was single barks). He did not jump on them...bite them...or anything. By the end of their visit, my mother-in-law (same one he tried to bite and got me instead) was sitting on the ground petting and playing with him! So, we continued. We had a New Years Eve party with a half dozen guests, and the little puppy Oreo tried to hurt. IT WAS AMAZING! He did not bark ONCE! He laid around, avoiding the puppy (who is very hyper), took treats and commands from our guests, and was very pleasant! The techniques supported by Bark Busters are wonderful. They do require the owners to do their part...but Oreo is part of our family and we are willing to do a little extra work to make a safe and loving environment with our little guy. Our trainer, David Sundland, has already called to check in on us and has offered to come back out and help us work with Oreo when it is time for a family. For those that say you can do the research on your own and that BB is overpriced-I disagree. We have spent years trying MANY techniques, and we were unsuccessful. I highly recommend this program. And, we are grateful to David for providing us with the tools we needed in order to keep Oreo in our family. THANK YOU, BARK BUSTERS AND DAVID SUNDLAND! Permalink
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Cape Coral | January 02 2009
Our trainer, Patrick, very patiently explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. Ginger, our shih tzu, did not chase after any cars on the leash nor try to escape through the front door. She held her boundary until we was given the release command. The natural training techniques made the training experience interesting and enjoyable. We could not believe the change in Ginger after the first visit! Permalink