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Fort Myers | December 07 2008
I was pleased with the natural training techniques used by Bark Busters. I saw noticeable results by the end of the training with my little Jellybean (Yorkshire terrier). Patrick explained the natural training techniques in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I would recommend Bark Busters. Permalink
Westmont, IL | December 05 2008
How wonderful to have our Labrador, Mercy, back to her sweet old self! Bark Busters is awesome! Mercy was well trained as a puppy, but as the years went on, things slipped out of control. She turned into a barking fiend and was a pain in the %*# to take on a walk. Our vet suggested we try Bark Busters. After our first session with Bark Busters trainer Connie Pinkerton, we saw HUGE improvements. The training methods are easy and don't take much time and so much more humane that using a bark collar. This was a good investment and it will last Mercy's lifetime. Thank you, Bark Busters, for giving us back our sweet, sweet Mercy like she used to be. Permalink
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Deland | December 05 2008
I received my Australian shepard (Brady) through an individual looking for a good home for Brady. Along with Brady came Bark Busters and Mr. Mike Shamp. He came to our house on a Sunday and spent three hours with my family and me. I learned more in that first visit that the cumulative total of all information received my entire life. Mike's patience and passion for what he does captured my attention immediately, and Brady's instant response to my training from Bark Busters was extremely rewarding. Training from Bark Busters for us and consistency and love for Brady have made our dog more than man's best friend, he is FAMILY. Thank you, Bark Busters, and thank you, Mike Shamp! Permalink
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-Davis | December 05 2008
My adult son, who lives in Palatine, IL, several miles away from me, got a puppy at the end of 2007. The sweet little thing grew within a few months, to be a big, wild, exuberant mass of whirling-dervish muscle. No one could visit my son's condo without being assaulted by fun-loving Cali. She liked to jump all over the visitor, from every side, and relentlessly, until my son would have to put her in her kennel. We all felt bad that she was too wild to be a part of our social gatherings. My son agreed that she needed training. He enrolled her in another training program. She completed two full courses there, and did, indeed, learn the basic commands, but those trainers did nothing to teach my son how to tame her unsocial exuberance. In fact, she behaved no better to guests than she did before the training courses. We knew something had to be done to reclaim her before everyone would grow so fed up that she'd be spending her entire life in her crate. That's when we turned to Bark Busters and the trainer for Palatine, Brad Howe. What an amazing transformation I saw in that dog during the first hour of Brad's lesson! Cali almost knocked me over when I arrived, but she sat obediently in the kitchen when I put on my jacket to leave. It seemed a miracle! I had my doubts whether there would be lasting results; so I was eager to return to my son's place two weeks later for the second session with Brad. Cali did not assault me when I arrived as I had expected. Amazing! Brad achieves these amazing results without the use of harsh words or food treats. There is no yelling and no physical punishment. Brad is an informative, entertaining, and sincere teacher. He is clear and patient in offering guidelines to the pet owner. He puts the responsibility for the dog's good behavior on the owner, where it should be. Unruly dogs can be socialized to interact civilly with house guests when their owners are given the proper instruction. Brad knows how! Permalink
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Sparks | December 05 2008
We were shocked at the improvement so far! We have researched other in-home trainers and they always had methods we didn't agree with. Not the case with Bark Busters! Permalink
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St. Louis | December 03 2008
Kathy was excellent. She really knew what she was doing. I was amazed at how fast my dog responded. Permalink
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Reno | December 03 2008
Katherine not only explained the methods but explained why we were doing the methods. There was drastic improvement. It is the only thing we have found that actually works for both dogs. She made it fun to train rather than a chore. It helped get everyone involved. I was wary at first, but honestly, I couldn't be happier about it. Permalink
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West Ashley | December 03 2008
Our boxer, Kobi, had snapped at our toddler grandchild! We saw instant results that get better and better as we learn and continue to interact with him in a healthier way. Kobi now acts like the weight of the world is off his shoulders. He has learned it is okay to just be a dog in our "pack." Our therapists James & Michelle were very fun and enjoyable to be with. They saved our dog! Permalink
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Macomb Twp. | December 02 2008
Simple, common-sense techniques that really work. We are very pleased with Bella's program. Permalink
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Chesterfield Twp. | December 02 2008
Effective, easy to use, lots of support. We are happier and Cooper is happier. Permalink