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Cottage Grove | March 09 2010
After 4 days of working with Bella, we see remarkable changes! Even in areas we weren't specifically working with. This system is terrific. We love the "catch them being good" philosophy. We are both teachers, and this goes right along with our beliefs. Bella is a huge part of this family, and it is so much fun to see her behaving so well! Thank you! Permalink
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Robbinsdale | March 09 2010
Thanks to John's wonderful training techniques, our sweet puppy sits, stays, and heels when we ask her to. We are so happy with the results and are grateful to John for teaching us the strategies that have been successful in training our dog. We recommend Bark Busters to anyone who is struggling with their dog's behavior - it is well worth the investment! Permalink
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St. Louis | March 09 2010
Kathy did a fantastic job. She addressed all of our concerns and trouble areas and taught us how to correct them. I would recommend this service to anyone challenged by their dog's behavior and who are frustrated with their pets. Permalink
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Mickleton | March 08 2010
After the first visit with Kurt, it was like having a new, well-behaved dog. We were amazed by the results. It made life with Hunter a true pleasure. Thank you! Permalink
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Hainesport | March 08 2010
Kurt was very thorough and clear when explaining the training techniques. Kurt made our lessons fun and interesting and made a point to include all of our three children in the training. I have already referred Bark Busters to a couple of people. We are very grateful to Kurt for helping us with Penny. She is much more behaved since our lessons. Permalink
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Burlington | March 08 2010
I noticed changes in both dogs within the first few minutes. It is very easy to find 15-20 minutes a day to continue working with each dog. Permalink
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Fort Myers | March 08 2010
Patrick was entertaining and easy to understand. Our dog was very responsive to all of the training. Our dog used to only do things for treats, but we didn't want to be physical with her either. The Bark Busters training method was perfect! The training is easy, enjoyable and effective. Permalink
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Springfield | March 07 2010
Stan is amazing; we have only had 2 sessions, and it's great how easy his methods are to start using. I wish I had known these techniques years earlier! Gentle, straightforward, easy for the human and the dogs to understand. Very excited about working more with Stan and our 3 dogs! Permalink
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Seattle | March 06 2010
My spouse and family were highly impressed with the improvement in my two dogs' behavior. David did a great job explaining techniques and demonstrating, which validated some things for me and taught me new tricks to work on. It absolutely worked with my ADHD dog, and I'm already telling friends and family! Permalink
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West Chester | March 05 2010
Alan was very clear in his instructions. Lily is definitely more attentive to us. The techniques are logical, convenient and interesting for us and Lily. Alan was very positive and confident! Permalink