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Durham | October 10 2009
Jerry was very clear and patient explaining the training techniques. I definitely see a change in Caesar. He is calmer and easily corrected. I enjoyed learning about how dogs communicate. I keep Bark Buster cards on hand so I can pass them out to my neighbors. Permalink
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Parma | October 09 2009
We brought Penny, a six month old German Shepherd mix puppy that we rescued from a shelter, into a household with our rambunctious four month old goldendoodle, Abby, who already thought she was the boss of the house. We thought it would be good for Abby to have a sister. By the second day at home, both pups were out of control - one picking up the bad behavior of the other - barking, digging, jumping, and biting. Penny was acting like a bully towards Abby and Abby's biting was out of control. We had to keep both dogs separated and we were so afraid we might have to take our new puppy back to the shelter or find her another home. I decided to call Bark Busters to see if they could help. Kathy and Betsy explained everything to us and then we went to work with Abby and Penny. What a difference! The techniques work great! The house is much calmer now and we now have two well-behaved dogs that play together without a referee! We can't thank Kathy and Betsy enough for their help. Permalink
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Milan | October 09 2009
I'm a 95-pound girl who had a 150-pound dog that she couldn't control. He had made it his personal mission in life to kill all delivery men (especially pizza guys). When someone would knock at the door, he'd go into full "attack mode" - barking, growling, foaming at the mouth, and slamming his body into the door. Sometimes, he'd bark as long as 20 minutes after the person left. If I was the only person home, I'd have to tie my dog to a (VERY) solid couch with his leash, just so he couldn't get to the front door.---After one session with Ruth, I no longer feel the need to tip the pizza guy $20 just for being brave enough to do his job. =) ---Shunka barks maybe once or twice and he doesn't charge the door anymore. He also leaves a respectful distance between himself and the door. His progress (in one day) was absolutely amazing. It's worth every penny.---I can't wait until our next session! I wonder what my dog and I will learn next week. =) Permalink
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Fort Myers | October 09 2009
Patrick explained the Bark Busters training techniques very well. Jenny, our foster dog, responded immediately to the corrections. By the 3rd try of "properly answering the door" she really seemed to understand what to do and our expectations. The natural and pleasing techniques really made sense when related to how dogs communicate with each other and us in our pack. We would recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors because of the effective techniques and because Bark Busters teaches essential knowledge to communicate with dogs. Permalink
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Bridgeport | October 09 2009
Max is a rambunctious 1 year old shih tzu who ran the household. Bark Busters came in and gave me the training tools to help me make Max a better dog. He now listens to me and follows directions. I will continue to recommend Bark Busters to all my friends. Permalink
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Tinley Park | October 08 2009
I found the training to be interesting and enjoyable. I was pleased with the natural training techniques. I would recommend Bark Busters to friends and neighbors because I see the neighbors dogs pulling them around on the leash. Permalink
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Midlothian | October 08 2009
Vicky was very good. She was even a sport when my puppy continued to pee on her. I would recommend Vicky because I learned and continue to learn and train my puppy. Permalink
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Joliet | October 08 2009
The training was very constructive. The training experience was interesting, enjoyable and convenient. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters if all trainers are as competent and helpful as John. Permalink
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Crest Hill | October 08 2009
My problem "child" (German Shepherd) was ignoring me when I would use a command. John was very patient with us in the learning process. Within 10 minutes of starting handling work you could see a huge improvement with my dog. I am pleased with Bark Busters natural training methods and techniques. The training collars were very cool, very effective and did not hurt or intimidate the dog. The training taught me how the order should be in our house and it made sense how things had taken a turn for the worse prior to the training. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters to friends. I could see improvement in the first ten minutes. It was very nice to work with John as his schedule was flexible to work around my busy schedule. Permalink
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Aurora | October 07 2009
I've seen Bark Busters in action with 3 other dogs and now my own. I am very impressed! You will make having a dog, toddler and new born fun again! Permalink