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Meagan S Hyde Park, New York | March 07 2017
My husband and I brought home a new puppy in early January and with the excitement felt instantly overwhelmed. After speaking with a friend who used Bark Busters, I submitted a request for contact and a few minutes later received a call from Barbara Fassett directly. We chatted about Gemma, she explained the program to me and we scheduled our first appointment. I felt more at ease just knowing we weren't in this alone. Barbara spent 3 hours at our house that first night going through an education for us and for Gemma so we understood more about how dogs communicate. She gave us some initial training tools and we instantly felt like we had some control over Gemma's behavior instead of her controlling us. The day after, we noticed a significant difference in how Gemma interacted with us and listened and that continued to improve each day. Just about 6 weeks later and she is almost fully potty trained, willingly goes into her crate, sits and stays..., and understands the correction commands. Barbara has given us the tools we need to become 'leader of the pack' and we're excited to see how Gemma continues to improve! Permalink
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judy H ft myers, Florida | March 07 2017
excellent. our puppy responded to the trainer right away. we haven't done as well, but we need to be more consistent. Permalink
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Heidi B
Heidi B Boston, Massachusetts | March 06 2017
We called on Scot after over a year of escalating aggressive and distressing behavior by our 3.5 year-old pug. After moving into a new home, when our pug was about 2 years old, he began to showing signs of dominance, aggression and separation anxiety. For example, he perceived anything on our new, large screen TV as a threat, and he would repeatedly run at the wall the TV screen is mounted on, barking and running around the house, sniffing out a mispercieved threat. It got so bad that he was getting overheated from the distress. It got to the point that we could no longer turn on the TV without him going ballistic. This behavior then generealized to images on our laptop computers and smart phones that he would see. When we would try to put him in a separate room so we could watch TV without exposing him to the distress of the TV, he began attacking us as we would try to close the door, say, to our bedroom or office, where we would try to keep him. Additionally, he became increasingly aggressive with us (and anyone) who would try to leave our house -- jumping, barking, nipping and trying to block our exit. To try to remediate these behaviours, which were distressing to our pug as well as everyone in our family, we read books and watched videos online to try to find a fix, but our efforts yielded nothing helpful. Finally, feeling desperate, we stumbled across Scot and Bark Busters online. We were drawn to the in-the-home approach of Bark Busters as well as a number of other features of theirs that seemed more appealing than other options we had researched. Incredibly, after only a few hours of working with Scot, our pug's behaviour (as well as our family's towards him) improved. For the first time in over a year, we can now turn on and watch TV without eliciting a firestorm of barking and distressing behaviour from our pug. While we need to continue to practice and reinforce the techniques/approaches Scot taught us, we finally feel like we are on solid footing in our interaction with our pug. The dynamic between us has been reset. Our only wish is that we had learned these approaches earlier: a lot of stress and frustration could have been saved for all. Still, we are so happy to be where we are now, and we are so very grateful for the kind, knowledgeable and practical approach that Scot brought to training our pug and us -- no doubt the bulk of the education was directed at training us humans how to communicate/interact more effectively with our pug. Scot's thoughtful approach is something we hope more people experience. Permalink
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Susie S South Lyon, Michigan | March 05 2017
Ruth was wonderful! She was very easy to reach and schedule an appointment with and even offered a lot of helpful tips over the phone before we even met in person. She was prompt, organized, and was able to work with everyone in our family, children included, about how to be a better dog family! She provided us with lots of tips and strategies we could use immediately and even offered some suggestions in case other problems arose. Thanks so much for your help with Brecken and Princess! Permalink
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Kristin S
Kristin S Bronx, New York | March 05 2017
The first training session yesterday was amazingly effective!' I am seeing a difference in my dog's behavior already. Nicole showed my stepmother and me how to effectively communicate with the dogs so that our role as pack leaders became obvious to them. This all happened without the use of treats, clickers, or touching the dogs (except when we called them in for praise). My reasons for calling a trainer included my Irish wolfhound growling at me on 3 occassions and also her being very overbearing towards the other dogs in the household. I was also having problems between her and my shepherd mix, who is very possesive. They had a huge fight right on top of me a couple weeks ago and I ended up with a bleeding thumb and broken glasses. I am very hopeful for the first time in a long while and actually slept well last night because the methods Nicole showed us will clearly work! Permalink
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Sherry M Spring Grove, Illinois | March 03 2017
I had called Brad to get some advice on how to handle my 14 mo old Goldendoodle who was chewing on items that were not good for his health in the house. Brad was very helpful and making me understand that he has some separation anxiety when we leave everyday for work. Not knowing how to really handle this since I have never had a dog that has this type of problem. I had begun to allow him to have freedom in the house along with my 3 1/2 year old Jack Russell and things were good for small time and then he begun to show problems. After speaking with Brad and making me understand what is happening to him and Bo having a little too much freedom maybe to soon and needs to re earn his freedom again. I need to put him in his kennel and gradually let him out and for him to understand he has learn not to do things in the house. I feel like this has been such a great help and he has calmed down and not as destructive as he had been. He does Jump on people as well as us and we have a spray bottle now I use on him when he does this and all I have to do is pick up the bottle and he knows immediately. :-) He is a great dog and feel like with time and maturity things will be a lot better. Permalink
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Janice R
Janice R Naples, Florida | March 03 2017
Having 4 Blue Heelers learn to BEHAVE is not an easy task. They are getting better every DAY! Bravo June and Colin!! :-) Permalink
Martin K
Martin K Denver, Colorado | March 03 2017
Scott is amazing. It is clear the moment he walks in the house that our puppy respects his leadership. And the tips he gives us for establishing our own leadership have been extremely helpful. In addition, Scott is completely responsive. When we have a question, we send him a text and usually hear back within minutes - always with useful ideas and feedback. We have had several dogs, but this is the first time we have worked with Scott. The difference is clear. Our puppy is already a well-behaved, well-socialized family member. Incidentally, one tip for people considering working with Scott: We hired Scott and met with him before bringing our puppy home. His tips were both comforting and helpful in avoiding bad habits from the start. We would highly recommend hiring Scott before you get your dog. Permalink
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Patricia R
Patricia R Delton, Michigan | March 03 2017
I received valuable new insight in the use of vocal and physical signaling to the dogs that I could piggy back on past training with my dogs. My four dogs are show dogs, in the ring and field work, so I had used different sounds and commands. Addressing the dogs going to the outside door when I needed to go through it without them was practiced several times tonight but had to make sure I didn't confuse taking them out to potty. I am positive this addition to our daily routine will help make life for my dogs and me smoother. Permalink
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Anne B Buckeye, Arizona | March 03 2017
It was a pleasure having Michelle come into our home and show us the proper techniques to deal with our dog's issues. It was pretty amazing to see how well our dog responded and we are looking forward to our next session. Permalink
Bark Busters dealt with Aggression, Barking, Hyperactivity, Jumping up
Trainer note from Michelle : Thank you Anne for this wonderful review. It was great to meet you and your wonderful pup!