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Delmar | June 02 2008
Rachel is a highly effective trainer. She is highly knowledgeable and clearly explains all training techniques. Permalink
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Schenectady | June 02 2008
The information was presented in a way that was very easy to follow. She also stopped several times to see if we had questions. I was very surprised how much my dogs understood what she wanted them to do. I like that the techniques are easy to follow and that I can do them at home. It was interesting to hear how the dogs interpret what you do. I think there is valuable information that many dog owners don't know. Permalink
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Saratoga Springs | June 02 2008
Very entertaining! Unbelievable how fast it works (of course, my dog is smart, too!). She spent more time with us that I ever expected and demonstrated several training methods. She made it fun, involved the whole family. Very clear with the kids and adults and what everyones role is. Rachel did an excellent job informing us and showing us the techniques. Permalink
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Mechanicville | June 02 2008
Very easy to understand and follow the techniques. I didn't think Rosie would catch on to any orders but Rachel has made remarkable results. Very pleased at what I have seen so far. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone. Rachel is very good at teaching me on how to correct my mistakes with Rosie. Permalink
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Rensselaer | June 02 2008
She explained things very well. My dogs have allergies and are food aggressive, so I am glad we do not use treats. I have already recommended Bark Busters. I look forward for her to come back and further our learning. Permalink
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Canton | June 02 2008
Maril made the training techniques very manageable for all family members. We were able to stop Jackson from jumping up on us by the end of the lesson. At first, the correction seemed silly to us, but it works to correct Jackson. It was interesting ...Although the first session was long, Maril was able to keep the interest of our 9 year old son. I would recommend Bark Busters training...It's fairly simple, it works, and it comes with a lifetime guarantee. I know that if I need help when Jackson gets older, Maril will come here to help us. Permalink
Birmingham | June 02 2008
I was captivated. Mr. Lieberman was very patient, and an excellent teacher to both human and canine. The technique makes sense to dogs. It is very fast and compassionate. Permalink
West Bloomfield | June 02 2008
Morgan responded so well with Bark Busters' help we'll be able to keep my new dog, he will fit in well, be happy and safe. Permalink
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St. Louis | June 02 2008
Kathy explained the training techniques in a way that was easy to follow. I noticed results immediately. We were pleased with the training and I thought it was very enjoyable and interesting. ~ Thank you, Bark Busters. Permalink
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Evergreen, Colorado | June 02 2008
Brian did a great job & went out of his way to accommodate our tight schedule. Permalink