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Springfield | September 14 2009
I would definitely recommend Stan and Bark Busters. I tried group lessons elsewhere, read books, etc., and this was going to be my last attempt at getting the biting under control before finding her a new home. I was that frustrated. I was truly amazed to see the techniques Stan showed me work so quickly! I felt like the confidence levels within me and my puppy were growing together. By the end of the session I was sighing with relief and could relax. I had tools that worked to keep her from nipping and biting me. Stan was great with Molly. Stan observed other things going on in my home environment that really helped me out. After the session, I had a really good big picture on how my puppy thinks and how I can [provide] better leadership for her. She is a wonderful puppy. I have confidence that I can mold her into the kind of puppy I want with my rules now. Permalink
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Lexington | September 12 2009
I am seeing great results already and am truly pleased with the program! Permalink
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Naples | September 11 2009
Wonderful training, wonderful program. Permalink
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Omaha | September 11 2009
What a difference 24 hours has made with my dog's behavior. I am amazed how much progress he has made with a few simple tools given to me in just the first training session; 'bahh' has become my favorite word!! I feel like I have received more than half my money's worth already!! We still have plenty of work to do Deb, but you have relieved me of my uncertainty that this little guy would ever become a nice pet because it was obvious he had the control, not me. ---I look forward to more training. Permalink
Aurora | September 11 2009
Great results without being physical. Becky, thank you for your help. Olli is so very much improved, as are we. Permalink
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Dyer | September 10 2009
The therapist was very personable. We observed noticeable results by the end of the training. Our dogs responded very well. It's so easy to use--enjoyed the training at our home. I would definitely recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Ansonia | September 10 2009
What a difference Bark Busters has made for our family! We are so impressed with the professionalism and customer service that Richard and Vicki provide. They always promptly return my phone calls and have been very flexible with scheduling. Our dog has responded really well to the Bark Busters approach. A happy, peaceful home is well worth the the time and energy we have put into dog training. Thanks so much for your help!! Permalink
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Rockledge | September 10 2009
Terry explained the training techniques very well, but on day one, it was a lot to take in. From day one until now, there has been a 100% change in my dog. He's still a puppy, so when he gets older it will be awesome to see the final results. Terry was very thorough with everything in the training and made me understand it a lot better as well. It has been a pleasure working with and staying in contact with Terry for my dog and I both. I have already recommended Bark Busters, and they hired her for their dog trainer. It is great to know, no matter where we are, and have a problem, Bark Busters will always be there for us. Permalink
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Oak Forest | September 09 2009
After the first lesson our dog was listening to us. I was pleased with Vicky because we had other trainers who felt my dog was un-trainable and believed we should use a pinch collar. I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters because the techniques are safe and you get results. Permalink
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Wittmann | September 09 2009
Michelle has helped us with our high spirited dog. She is much calmer and more enjoyable to be around. Permalink